Four Job Searching Mistakes You Can Avoid

job-search-mistakes-smarttalentJob searching can be a frustrating experience. When you are looking for a job, you may find yourself sending out tons of applications without getting call backs. You could get interviews, but never close the deal, or have lots of initial inquiries, but never move forward in the hiring process. Whatever phase of your job search you’re stalling in, find ways to make sure you can move forward and effectively find the work you have been hoping for.

Unfortunately, a lot of people make job searching mistakes that end up making it harder to find work or cost them a job they would be great at. To make sure this does not happen to you, be sure to avoid these four big mistakes:

  • Waiting for the perfect job to come along. Many people have a clear idea of what path they want their career to take and they miss out on exciting opportunities because they have their mind set on a particular path. You should consider each opportunity that comes your way and be prepared to take a winding path to get where you want to end up. 
  • Trying to go it alone. The key to a successful job search is to tap into your network. Reach out to friends, family and former co-workers. You should also consider working with a recruiter or staffing professionals who have big networks and can put you in touch with companies looking to hire.
  • Sending generic resumes and cover letters for every position. If you just dash off a generic resume and cover letter, you are unlikely to impress a potential hiring manager. Tailor your resume and cover letter to positions you are applying for so you can show your interest and demonstrate how qualified you are. 
  • Failing to follow up. It is important to follow up after contact with the potential employer. Check the status of your application, and be certain to send a thank-you note if the employer interviews you.

You can avoid these mistakes when looking for a job and not experience a lot of frustration in the job search process. You just need the right help. SmartTalent offers invaluable assistance to job seekers in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lacey, Lynnwood, Everett and surrounding areas. Contact our Fife staffing service today to find out how our staffing professionals can help with your job searching efforts.

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