Temporary & Contract Staffing

Scale your workforce quickly to meet variable staffing needs.

Why hire temporary or contract talent?

Fill gaps and enhance flexibility with temporary or contract staffing. These talent options have unique benefits and support your business in times of short-term expansion and long-term growth.

Temporary Staffing

This option is best for securing great talent on a short-term basis. Whether your need is seasonal or situational, we not only find talent; we help you manage other administrative burdens like onboarding and payroll.

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing is an effective strategy for controlling costs and payroll obligations, managing risk, and accessing advanced skills. When you need talent with a specific skill set, a contract hire can be less expensive and faster to bring on board.

Temporary & contract staffing is perfect for:

Variable Workloads

Unexpected, short-term staffing needs can leave you shorthanded. Temporary employees fill gaps to keep your business thriving.

Seasonal Hiring

Busy seasons can cause spikes in demand. Meet the surge and overcome the rush with temporary workers or highly-skilled contract talent.

Large Projects

Big, complex projects often require highly-skilled workers to see them through. We can help you recruit top talent to keep the project on time and on budget.

Partner with a staffing agency dedicated to quality.

“We have struggled with multiple other temp agencies over the past few years because they have difficulty finding us qualified candidates. SmartTalent has been consistent in quickly providing us talent to meet our needs.”
– SmartTalent Manufacturing Client

Your success comes first.

Our team leverages dedicated tools and expertise to deliver a better-quality recruiting experience at a lower cost.

  • Source better candidates
  • Leverage recruitment tools
  • Hire quickly
  • Save time and money
Candidate Job
Weeks Average
Hire Time

SmartTalent’s Commitment to Process and Quality

We’re focused on delivering a positive experience and strong results, all driven by expertise. Our six-step process is how we get quality candidates for every placement, and why our clients form long-term partnerships with us.

Step 1

Behavioral Assessment

Our candidates undergo a pre-employment behavior assessment. This allows you to see if they will be a good fit for your organization.

Step 2

Skills Assessment

Each candidate completes our SMART (Skills Matrix Assessing Real Talent) testing process to verify their skills.

Step 3

Behavioral Interview

This process measures past performance, attitude, behavior, attendance, etc. to predict future performance.

Step 4


Our candidates complete orientation and training that includes safety and ergonomics.

Step 5


The SmartTalent Verification Information System verifies eligibility of all newly hired employees.

Step 6

Background Check

Selected candidates undergo client-specific verifications including reference checks, DMV, drug screening, and criminal background checks.

SmartTalent offers solutions to meet hiring needs across specialties.

We offer expertise across these specialized areas to meet your company’s specific hiring needs.

Let’s work together.

Need more than short-term staffing support? Consider a temp-to-hire or direct hire solution for permanent employees.