Test out new workers on the job before making a full-time offer.

How does temp-to-hire work?

SmartTalent’s temp-to-hire staffing services let you evaluate workers on a trial basis. If it’s a good fit, make an offer to bring them onboard as a full-time employee. We’ll make the transition to your payroll smooth and easy. We also offer an early transfer plan called Smart TalentHire, which gives you the same benefit and guarantee of a direct hire.

How is temp-to-hire different than direct hire?

Temp-to-hire solutions give you an opportunity to see how someone performs in a role before you make a permanent job offer. You can get workers quickly and reduce the risk of costly bad hires. If you need to fill permanent roles, a direct hire solution may be your best bet. Experienced temp-to-hire agencies like SmartTalent can help you determine which staffing service is best for your needs.

2 Reasons to Consider Direct Hire Services

Assess workers on the job and reduce risk.

Evaluate new workers on the job. If you like what you see, you can make an offer to hire them full time as company employees.

Get talent quickly and easily.

Get workers quickly and eliminate administrative burdens. We’ll get you qualified candidates and cover payroll on our end.

Efficient Workers, Increased Productivity

“SmartTalent staffed a large project of 50+ employees with only a few days’ notice. Their workers did so much work and were so efficient that we were able to give our regular FTEs a long Labor Day weekend. That boosted the morale of the company and raised productivity for the following weeks.”
– SmartTalent Client

Our temp-to-hire services give you flexibility and agility.

Our screening and streamlined process gives you access to an expanded pool of candidates. SmartTalent’s temp-to-hire staffing services help you gain qualified talent quickly.

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We support temp-to-hire needs.

Gain quality talent with flexible hiring solutions. At SmartTalent, we’ll deliver qualified workers quickly. If they’re a good match for your organization, we’ll help you hire them permanently.

  • Source better candidates
  • Faster time to start
  • Assess workers before hiring full time

SmartTalent’s Commitment to Process and Quality

We’re focused on delivering a positive experience and strong results, all driven by expertise. Our six-step process is how we get quality candidates for every placement, and why our clients form long-term partnerships with us.

Step 1

Behavioral Assessment

Our candidates undergo a pre-employment behavior assessment. This allows you to see if they will be a good fit for your organization.

Step 2

Skills Assessment

Each candidate completes our SMART (Skills Matrix Assessing Real Talent) testing process to verify their skills.

Step 3

Behavioral Interview

This process measures past performance, attitude, behavior, attendance, etc. to predict future performance.

Step 4


Our candidates complete orientation and training that includes safety and ergonomics.

Step 5


The SmartTalent Verification Information System verifies eligibility of all newly hired employees.

Step 6

Background Check

Selected candidates undergo client-specific verifications including reference checks, DMV, drug screening, and criminal background checks.

SmartTalent offers solutions to meet hiring needs across specialties.

We offer expertise across these specialized areas to meet your company’s specific hiring needs.

Looking for something more short-term?

Consider a Temporary or Contract solution to help with busy seasons or variable workloads. Better yet, let us help you manage those teams for you, with our Onsite Management solution.