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If you want outstanding results, you need an outstanding team to get you there. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable about the industries we’ve served in Seattle for 20+ years. We’re excited to meet new clients and ready to help you get the talent you need, without any hassle. Get to know us!

Our process delivers consistent talent and results.

SmartTalent streamlines staffing solutions. We keep things simple. Here’s how.

Skills assessment: We save you time by evaluating skill sets. We ensure candidates are qualified for the jobs you need to fill.

Behavioral assessment: We help you find an ideal match for your workplace culture. Our recruiting experts learn the soft skills required for success in your organization – and refer individuals who will thrive on the job.

Fit: SmartTalent recruiters conduct structured interviews to examine what a candidate can do, will do, and where they will fit.

Looking ahead: We measure past performance, attitude, behavior, attendance, and other factors to predict future performance.

Coordination: We work with the candidates and client to make the hiring process efficient, effective, and spot-on.

Communication: We stay in close contact with our client throughout the process.

Verification: The SmartTalent Verification Information System checks and confirms eligibility of all newly hired employees.

SmartProtect: Selected candidates undergo client-specific verifications including reference checks, DMV, drug screening, and criminal background checks. We can also conduct additional skills and behavior testing as requested.

Orientation: We don’t stop once a candidate is place. We help them get acclimated to their new workplace and make sure they’re set up to work.

Training: We help workers learn the skills needed to do their jobs well.

SmartTalent offers industry expertise.

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SmartTalent offers staffing solutions to meet hiring needs across several specialties. Our expertise across industries supports your company’s business needs.

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