Didn’t Get the Job – What to Do Next

A job rejection is every job seekers worst nightmare during the job search process. Unfortunately, the reality is many qualified candidates are going to get turned down because a company can hire only one person to fill each job. If you are rejected, don’t let the setback make you feel bad. You can turn the rejection into a positive by learning from the experience and becoming a better candidate in the future.

  • Ask for feedback. If you had an interview or talked with an employer on the phone and then got rejected, there is nothing wrong with politely asking what happened. Consider sending a brief email or making a quick telephone call asking the hiring manager if they could provide feedback on why you were passed over for the position. You can incorporate their comments and advice to try to avoid similar issues with your next potential job.
  • Reviewing what went wrong. Review the information you submitted and the answers to interview questions you gave to try to identify areas where you believe you may not have shown off your best self. If you can make a realistic self-assessment of the issues that stopped you from getting hired, you can find ways to improve as a candidate.
  • Looking for future opportunities where you may be a better fit. Sometimes, you did nothing wrong in the job search, but the position simply was not the right fit for you. Consider what it was about the job that attracted you, and what prevented you from being hired. This exercise will help you tailor your job search to positions where you are more likely to be successful.

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