How Can I Turn My Temporary Job into my Career?

Traditionally, most people treat temp assignments as stepping stones. They provide a way to gain experience or just pick up a paycheck. However, these opportunities can turn into much more. You can turn your temporary job into your career. 

This isn’t one of those one-in-a-million fantasies, like winning the lottery or getting your singing talents discovered on TikTokIt’s quite common to transition a temp situation into a staff position. One survey suggested that about 70% of temporary assignments have the chance to become permanent. 

Love your current situation, even though it’s technically “temporary?” Want to transform that gig into a long-term commitment?

Here are the steps you can take to turn your temporary job into a career position: 

Be Amazing 

Think of your temp assignment as a tryout. Do well, and you have a shot at something more substantial. Fail, and you’re not even likely to stick in the temporary gig.  

In fact, don’t ever say to yourself “it’s just a temporary gig.” Look to provide the most value you can. Even if your duties seem like low-level tasks, get them done as completely and as efficiently as possible. From there, you can look to achieve something more. 

Ask for More Responsibility 

Once you’ve proven that you can handle the tasks you’re given, you can start looking for higher-level jobs. Ask your supervisor about taking on additional responsibility. It might take a little time to gain the trust of your bosses and coworkers. But by adding tasks, you can make yourself indispensable. Eventually, you can leverage this position into something more permanent.  

Talk to Your Coworkers 

Temporary assignments offer you an excellent chance to network. Take the opportunity to meet new people and to learn new skills. 

Get to know the people around you. They can give you important information about the company and let you know insider tricks for impressing management. Even if the current situation doesn’t work out, these relationships can become an important part of your ongoing career development. 

Let Your Boss Know You’d Like a Permanent Position 

Make your desire for a permanent position explicit. Tell your boss what you want to accomplish. They’ll let you know if such a thing is possible. At the same time, they can describe the steps it would take to land the job. 

This tactic has another benefit: you can make an ally of your boss. Talking to them about your ambition lets them get to know you better. It can be the first in a long line of conversations about your potential future with the company. 

Look for Openings 

Keep your eyes open for potential full-time opportunities. Companies don’t always advertise their open positions, so you should have an inside track as a temporary worker. Be ready to pounce when you see a chance. 

Don’t just focus on formal job openings. The signs might be more subtle. Even if your boss is just complaining about a lack of support, you might be able to turn that into added responsibility for you. 

Temporary assignments offer a great chance to find career-making opportunities. Turning to a staffing agency makes this possible. A strong recruiter, like SmartTalent, can put you in positions where you can thrive. 

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