What to Look For in a Job Posting Before Applying

Each time you approach a job posting, one key question should come to mind: can you fulfill the job? However, your investigation should go beyond that. There are other clues you can get from the job description that will let you know whether to apply.

Start by reviewing the job posting for a list of qualifications. That should be your first guide as you decide whether to invest the time needed to submit an application.

Once you pass this basic test, it’s time to dig a little deeper. You can grab a significant amount of information from the job posting, letting you know how much effort you should put into pursuing the position.

Of course, finding the right jobs for you gets much easier with an excellent recruiting partner. SmartTalent can direct you towards ideal situations to fast-track your career development.

However, even with staffing agency help, it helps to approach any job description with a discerning eye. Here’s what to look for in a job posting before applying:

Compensation Information

Not all job descriptions get into the details of compensation. However, there should be signs as to what the employer has in mind. Often it will provide a range or base salary, letting you gauge if the job meets your expectations.

Going into a job search, have an idea of what your work is worth. Focus on positions that fit your expectations. Too low, and the job might not be worth your time. Too high, and an application might be a stretch. A lack of any hint about compensation might throw up a red flag as well.

Employer Details

Learn as much as you can about the company itself. By getting a detailed view of its business and its leadership, you can judge how much you want to work there.

You can gather this information through avenues like the company’s website, social media, or employer review sites like Glassdoor.

It also helps to have an expert guiding you. A recruiter, like SmartTalent, can give you inside information about employers on their roster. Contact SmartTalent today to locate ideal companies for your skills and background.

How the Post Is Written

You can learn a lot about an employer by the way they compose a job post. Here are a few signs you can look for:

  • Are there any grammar or punctuation errors? Mistakes might indicate a slack attitude you’d want to avoid.
  • How much jargon appears in the post? A collection of buzzwords and acronyms might point to an unfriendly culture.
  • Does it include multimedia, like video? An eye-catching job posting with added elements might indicate a forward-looking company.
  • What kind of tone does the writing style indicate? A touch of humor or attempts at well-crafted sentences might signal a more interesting work environment.


Don’t forget about the logistics of the job. A good-paying job that perfectly fits your skill set might not be worth it if it requires a major commute or if the hours don’t match the rest of your life. Take these factors into account as well.

Meanwhile, in the post-COVID age, remote work might be on the table. Scan the job description for signs that the firm is open to you working from home at least part of the time.

How to Apply

Consider the process the company expects you to endure to apply. If it’s just a matter of sending a pre-packaged resume and answering a few basic questions, you can drop your standards. For the investment of a few minutes, you might as well take a chance at the position.

However, consider more complicated applications more carefully. Some companies require detailed questionnaires, writing tests, or skills-based quizzes. On the high end, these can take hours to complete. Only pursue these extensive applications if you really want the position or if you have run out of other choices.

SmartTalent can help you land the perfect positions for your skills and background. Contact SmartTalent today to fast-track your job search.


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