Interview Prep: How will You Impact the Company’s Goals and Culture?

SmartTalent - Interview PrepPreparing for a job interview is just as important as writing a strong resume and cover letter. No matter how strong your resume and cover letter are, if you do not perform well in a job interview, you likely will not receive an offer. The best way to perform well in a job interview is to prepare as much as possible beforehand. When we talk about beforehand, we mean days in advance, not while sitting in the lobby of the company minutes before the interview.

How Will I Impact the Company’s Goals?

We have split this interview question up into two parts in order to help you prepare for it effectively. The first part discusses the goals of the company. This can be a very difficult answer for you to prepare for, especially if this is your first interview right out of college. The first thing you will need to do is research the company. Find out how long it has been in business, in which industry it operates and what its goals are for the future.

Now, you need to think about what you have learned in school or while working your current job. Take this and apply it to the question being asked. If you are an engineer with a specialty, and you know the company wants to increase its strength in this area, be sure you make it known what type of work you have done in this specialty. You can discuss the company’s bottom line, their development of new products, or the completion of projects as helping them achieve their goals.

How Will I Impact the Company’s Culture?

Culture is very important to every company in business today. Culture can either destroy a company or make it one of the most successful in its industry. When you are interviewing with a company that has an incredible culture, you will want to provide answers that discuss your work ethics, attitude and ability to make an impact.

Preparing for an interview takes time and research. A company wants to know how each candidate will impact their goals and culture in order to make an informed hiring decision. Make sure you are prepared for this question ahead of time so nothing surprises you in the interview. Talk with the experienced recruiting staff at Smart Talent to prepare for your next job interview today.

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