Must-Have Characteristics of the Modern Manager

TSmartTalent - The modern manager - managing changehe world continues to change and evolve each day. The same can be said for every industry within the job market. Due to these changes, managers must operate in the modern-day as much as possible. If managers cannot adjust and adapt to changes in the workplace, they will find that their jobs are no longer safe. We have compiled the most important characteristics for modern-day managers to have if they want to succeed.

An Understanding of Technology

It almost goes without saying — modern-day managers must have an understanding of technology. When we say an understanding, we mean more than just writing and sending an email. Modern-day managers must understand how social media sites operate, what the latest technology trends are and much more. If managers can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology they should have no trouble adapting to change when it occurs.

An Ability to Share Information

No longer is it possible for managers to sit behind closed doors, keep information to themselves and dole out the projects to subordinates with little questions from the employees. In the modern-day workplace, managers must be able to share information more freely with those working under them. This will create an environment of trust that will lead to success and a strong culture at the company. Managers must also rely on employees to help make decisions instead of doing it on their own.

Lead from the Front Lines

Modern-day managers must be able to lead their employees from the front lines. No longer do managers lead using fear tactics. Managers do not tell their employees to jump and expect a response of ‘how high?’ Instead, managers need to lead their departments right alongside their employees. This will help build trust between the two entities and show employees that management wants them to succeed. Employees used to work hard so that the manager would succeed. Now, the tables have turned. Employees are the most important asset of a company because they directly impact the success it enjoys.

Be Open and Transparent

Managers working in the modern workplace must be open and transparent with their employees. This also includes being vulnerable in front of employees. Being vulnerable does not mean that the manager is weak. That is far from the truth. In fact, it means that he or she is courageous while on the job.

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