Don’t Make These Common Job Search Mistakes

SmartTalent - Mistakes in Your Job SearchPerforming a job search in today’s high-tech world can be easy for some and very daunting for others. A job search can be troublesome for those who make some very common mistakes. We will discuss those common job search mistakes in this post and help you avoid them at all cost, so you can find the job that meets your needs.

There is No Defined Plan in Place

A job search that is simply thrown together at the last minute will never yield success for the seeker. When you don’t have a defined plan, you run the risk of applying for jobs that do not fit your career experience. An undefined plan for a job search will also lead seekers to browsing the internet for hours on end with no end in site. This is wasting valuable time that could be spent with family, friends, at work or actually applying for a job for which you are qualified.

You Have Just One Resume

Another common job search mistake occurs when the seeker has just one resume at their disposal. Even if you have worked in the same career field for your entire life, you should have multiple resumes based on the type of job you want to work in the future. You need to edit your resume for each job you submit an application to in order to make yourself stand out to the recruiter or hiring manager. You can do this by including keywords from the job posting in your resume.

You Fail to Proofread Your Resume and Cover Letter

Submitting a resume and cover letter combination that has typos or grammar errors is a major job search killer. These mistakes can lead to your documents being tossed in the trash almost immediately. You need to proofread your documents prior to submitting them for an application, even if you just proofread them a week ago. Even ask someone you trust to proofread them, because they might catch something you kept skipping over.

Missing Networking Opportunities

Common job search mistakes today include missing out on networking opportunities. When you have the chance to attend a job fair or a networking event held by your company or another company in your city, make it your point to attend. Even if you are not actively looking to switch jobs right now, a connection you make today could turn into a job offer in the future.

You Are Going It Alone

The worst thing you can do during a job search is go it alone. Find a job search buddy who can help keep you motivated in the search, focused on the task at hand and help you proofread your documents. If you don’t have someone you can trust, consider working with a staffing firm in your next job search.

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