Benefits of Working a Second Shift Position

Second shifts have a bad reputation. Work late enough and suddenly the term “graveyard” gets involved. People often desperately try to avoid these schedules. But should they? In reality, second-shift positions come with a lot of benefits.

True, jobs that start in the afternoon (or even later) come with their challenges as well. They aren’t for everyone. But given the right lifestyle and family situation, second shifts can provide significant value.

Not convinced? Well, here are some of the benefits of working a second shift:

Fit Your Lifestyle

Everyone’s home life is different. Yet, most jobs fit into the same schedule. What if a 9-to-5 routine doesn’t suit you? Well, a second-shift position can provide a solution.

Consider this scenario: your spouse works the first shift and you have trouble affording child care. If you land a second-shift slot, that can solve your problem. That’s only one example of the possible lifestyle benefits you can get from an alternative schedule.

A Bigger Paycheck

It’s often difficult to find people to work unusual schedules. As a result, many companies offer something called “shift differentials.” This amounts to extra pay for employees who get hired for second or third shifts.

The breakdown of this additional pay varies from industry to industry, and even from company to company. But studies show that 83% of manufacturers offer a bigger paycheck for non-traditional shifts.

The amount you’ll get for a second shift will depend on the specific situation. But just to give you an example, the U.S. government’s Office of Personnel Management provides for a 7.5% differential for the second shift. The third shift gets an even bigger bump, with a 10% differential.

Easier Commute

You know what causes rush hour traffic, right? It’s all those people rushing to work in the morning, or rushing home from work in the evening. Since most people work roughly the same schedule, they all end up on the road at the same time.

This explains one of the secret benefits of a non-traditional shift: your commute gets shorter. Since fewer people work during that time of day, you find much less traffic on the roads. Say goodbye to the stop-and-go, bumper-to-bumper crawl.

Instead, you can zip right along. As a result, you spend less time driving to and from work. Without any effort on your part, you end up with additional free time.

More Time During Regular Business Hours

When you work a traditional 9-to-5 shift, running routine errands suddenly becomes anything but routine. You often need to take time off for simple appointments, like with the dentist or a doctor. Meanwhile, shuttling your kids to and from their after-school activities becomes a logistical nightmare.

A second-shift schedule can solve these problems. Suddenly, your free time coincides with the normal working day. A trip to the bank or to an appointment becomes much easier to manage.

Convinced a second shift might be right for you? A strong recruiter, like SmartTalent, can help you find the perfect position for your schedule.

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