How Temporary Employees Build Resumes With Temp Work

SmartTalent - Building a ResumeTemporary work makes it possible to get your foot in the door in an industry that you are interested in. While companies may not want to take a chance on hiring permanent full-time workers who have limited experience in the field, hiring temporary employees is less of a commitment. Employers may be more willing to take a chance on temp workers without a lot of real-world experience, especially when those temp workers are hired through a respected staffing agency.

If you are looking to advance your career or break into a new industry, here are three ways that temporary work can help you to boost your resume and increase career prospects:

  1. Temporary work allows you to avoid gaps on your resume. Finding a temp job through a Kirkland employment agency can be easier than finding full-time employment. Whether you work for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months, you avoid lengthy breaks in your employment history that could make future employers nervous. One study conducted on by Forbes showed long-term unemployment was viewed as a worse detriment by employers than having a criminal record. Avoid having lengthy periods without work by getting a temporary position that pays the bills and keeps your skills sharp.
  2. Temporary employees can develop new skills. When you work temp jobs, you are called upon to perform many different functions. While working in different positions, you get on-the-job, real-world training in many different business skills. You can list these skills on your resume to show employers how versatile your abilities are. This can make you a more attractive candidate.
  3. Temp work makes it possible to work in an industry or company that may be hard to break into. Many jobs require that you have experience, but this puts new workers in a bad position. If you can’t get hired anywhere without a history in the field, then how can you build up the work experience you need to launch a career? Temporary work can provide the answer.

SmartTalent helps employees find work in positions that make it possible to build strong resumes. Give our temporary staffing agency a call or contact us online today to find your perfect position anywhere in the Western Washington area including Kirkland, Fife, Renton, and Lynnwood.


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