Showcase Your Military Experience to Help You Land the Job

Former members of the military make wonderful employees and companies that hire veterans tend to do very well. Veterans are excellent at performing under pressure, they are team players and they know how to do what it takes to accomplish every mission. Any employer will be lucky to have you, but showing off your military experience can be challenging when trying to land a job with a civilian employer.

Some key tips to help ensure your military background helps you land the job of your dreams include:

  • Explaining military lingo to civilian employers: Many civilian employers do not understand military rank, acronyms used in the military or military terms. Make sure you are clearly demonstrating your advancement within the military, the skills you have acquired and the accomplishments you had when serving your country. Explain in plain language all you have achieved and when possible, draw analogies to things that people who have never served in the military would be more familiar with.
  • Showcasing your key skills: Being in the military likely allowed you to develop both soft and hard skills. You may have advanced technical training because of all you learned in the military. You assuredly have strong leadership skills, are a great problem solver and have extensive experience working on a team and working in high-pressure situations. Make sure your resume demonstrates all your unique capabilities and make plans to answer interview questions in a way that shows of all your accomplishments.
  • Demonstrating how the skills you learned in the military can translate to helping the company succeed: Employers want to know you will be an asset to their organization, and they may not always be able to envision how your real-world experience earned in the military could transfer to the corporate world. Focus on what the job requires and find ways to explain how the skills you learned in the military can help you add value to the company.

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