Using LinkedIn to Attract Top Candidates

SmartTalent - Using LinkedIn to Attract Top CandidatesLinkedIn has become a popular social networking website for professionals, and some studies suggest as many as 70 percent of job seekers use LinkedIn as a part of their job search. Your company can benefit from taking advantage of this online network, which connects millions of people across the country and across all industries.  However, in order to make sure you are attracting top talent on LinkedIn, it is important to develop effective strategies for using the site.

Tips for Using LinkedIn to Attract Top Candidates

To help ensure you make the most of LinkedIn and are able to successfully incorporate the social network into your candidate search, consider these key tips:

  • Build a company brand. Candidates who use LinkedIn in their job search are going to pay attention to how businesses, industry leaders, and other professionals in the field interact with your company. You want to make sure your brand’s position is clear, and that your core brand values are displayed in all of your online interactions. Developing a concrete identity for your company on LinkedIn can draw candidates in and encourage top professionals in the field to approach you.
  • Develop groups and participate in discussions. Social networking is about networking. If you build a community within your industry, and if your company starts or participates in discussions, you will be able to see where the talent is. You’ll have professionals in your industry as members of your group or as other participants in relevant discussions, and you’ll develop a relationship with industry leaders who could someday become leaders in your organization.
  • Understand LinkedIn functionality. There are different functions of LinkedIn, including tabs for discussion, member directories, and places to post job vacancies. When your organization understands what each section of the site is used for and uses it appropriately, candidates will know just where to look when seeking information about your organization.  You’ll also be able to better identify individuals who you may wish to recruit to become a part of your company’s team.

While LinkedIn is a great tool to find top candidates, there is no substitute for professional help from a skilled staffing service. SmartTalent is a trusted staffing agency that provides companies with direct hire, temp-to-hire, and seasonal hiring.  If your company in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, or the surrounding areas needs help finding high-quality candidates, contact us now so we can get started.


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