Are You Overqualified?

Are You Overqualified?When you are engaged in a job hunt and finally are offered a new position, the thrill of a successful job search can be elating. Unfortunately, your happiness may quickly turn to dismay when you find the position you have been hired for is one that you are overqualified to do. While a staffing service could potentially help you continue your quest for a new job so you could find a different position that you are a better fit for, you shouldn’t discount the job you have been offered too quickly.

Even positions for which you are overqualified can provide plenty of opportunity for career growth. In fact, there are a few key reasons to take jobs that you are overqualified for including:

  • Getting your foot in the door at a great company. If you are offered a position for a company you want to work for, you should think very carefully before you turn it down – even if the job isn’t your ideal one. Once you get your foot in the door, you can impress your managers and those who do the hiring and increase the potential that you’ll move up into the job you’ve been hoping for … with a company you are excited about. If you turn down the job, you may never get a chance to show the business what you can do.
  • Learning transferable job skills. There is no such thing as an “unskilled” job, and every position that you take is going to require you to do something to make the company a success. When you take on a job you feel underqualified for, you may be surprised at how much you learn and at how many transferable skills you acquire to put on your resume.
  • Resume building. Taking a job at an industry-leading or prestigious company can look good on your resume, even if the work is a job that is beneath your particular skill level. When you have a solid resume full of great industry experience, you will be a better candidate when your dream job comes along.

SmartTalent helps you find work that is a good fit for your talent so your job hunt can end with a job that is a stepping stone for your future. Even when the job is one you are overqualified for, we’ll help you make sure you find a position that can offer valuable experience and help build your resume for the future. If you are involved in a job search in Renton, Kirkland, Fife, or surrounding locations, contact our staffing service today for help finding your next position.


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