Why SmartTalent Could Be Your “In” to Your Dream Company

Your chances of landing any particular job are vanishingly small. One study suggested that the average open position draws 250 resumes. To bypass these crushing odds, it helps to have an “in” at your dream company.

With the right connection, you can skip to the top of the resume pile. Teaming up with SmartTalent can make that happen for you.

It all plays into the whole “it’s who you know” approach to job seeking. Data compiled by Lever ATS point to a massive advantage for job applicants who have a connection with a prospective employer. The stats suggest that the candidate with the “in” has a 20x better chance of getting hired. In terms of raw numbers, your chance goes from 0.4% for the average stranger applying online to 8.3% for the connected person.

A top staffing agency, like SmartTalent, can make this connection for you. It’s like having a friend working at dozens or even hundreds of companies. They can streamline your efforts and find you the perfect job in minimal time.

Accentuate Your Networking Efforts

You’ve probably heard that networking is key to any job search. Some research suggests that as much as 85% of positions are found through a personal contact, though statistics on the matter vary widely based on the source.

Even with this massive networking advantage, you’ve probably got a limited contact list. Yes, you might have a broad professional network, and maybe you’ve mastered the skill of developing relationships. But you won’t have the kind of reach you’ll find at a top recruiter.

By forming a partnership with SmartTalent, you’ll get access to a host of new connections that you couldn’t reach otherwise. This supercharges your own networking efforts, enhancing your ability to find the perfect position.

Tap Into a Wide Pool of Employers

When you apply for jobs on your own, you basically have to do it one at a time. You fill out (often lengthy) applications, hit send, and hope for the best. Then, you have to start all over at another prospective employer.

That’s not the case when you team with a top recruiter. You essentially get to apply at dozens of employers at once. You deliver your information to the staffing agency, and they can pass it on to companies looking for your skills and background.

In this way, working with SmartTalent accelerates your job search process. You instantly get your pertinent info to a host of eager companies looking to fill their open positions.

Learn about Top Companies

Most of the time, you don’t have much insider knowledge of a company before you become a job candidate there. You can look at their website and scour their social networking feed for clues. But that doesn’t replace expert info about the inner working of a firm.

A staffing firm can give that to you. With a deep connection to their clients, they do more than just match a resume with a job description. Rather, a connection with SmartTalent will ensure that you have the details you need to succeed from Day One.

Get General Job Search Advice

A job search can become a lonely endeavor. You’re flying solo with your computer through a vast Internet full of potential employers. It would help to have an expert to lean on for advice and support.

Turning to a recruiter gives you the guidance you need. Let an expert review your resume and hone your sales pitch. At the same time, get helpful tips to improve your job-search skills so that you can accelerate your career development.

SmartTalent can do this for you as well. You’ll get the personal approach that not only steers you towards the best near-term position. In addition, you’ll get tips that can boost your career long term.

Contact SmartTalent today to make the most out of your job search.


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