Was Your Last Job a Bad Fit? How to Discuss It During an Interview

Last Job A Bad Fit - SmartTalentEvery employee hopes to have only great jobs and rewarding work experiences, unfortunately the world does not work that way. You may find yourself with a job you don’t like at some point in your career. When this happens and you decide to move on, you are left in a tricky spot: How you deal with the bad experience as you go into the job search process?

It is very important you don’t hurt your future job prospects because of one unpleasant employment situation. Here are some tips to help you make sure that a past bad job doesn’t affect your career future:

  • Avoid dwelling on the negative during your interview. You will probably be asked about why you left your job when you are interviewing for a new position. Don’t give a long explanation about why work was terrible, or complain to your potential new boss about your old boss. The hiring manager could easily see you as the problem if you get too negative, even if you really had cause for complaint. Just provide a short, simple answer about why you left that is neutral and steer the conversation towards discussing your hopes for the future.
  • Try to turn negatives into positives. If you faced challenges at your past job, try to put a positive spin on any bad situations. Explain how you overcame problems in order to be successful, even in a difficult situation. This will show a hiring manager that you can handle yourself well in stressful situations and will emphasize that you are a problem solver, rather than a problem creator.
  • Be cautious about references. Your new employer is probably going to want to speak to your old employer. Be certain that you provide professional references who will be positive about the work you did.

When your past job was a bad fit, jumping into new employment opportunities can be a daunting experience. With help from a professional staffing agency, you can find a great position where you can make a fresh start and love your work. To learn more about how a staffing agency can help you to get a great new job, contact SmartTalent to explore open jobs in Fife, Kirkland, and surrounding locales.


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