Handling a Slip-Up at a New Job

Making mistakes at work is always upsetting, especially when you’re new to your job. Unfortunately, errors can happen even when you’re careful and vigilant. If you do slip up at a new job, it’s important you handle the mistake properly. Some of the steps you should take include:

  • Admitting the error right away. There’s a saying that the cover-up is almost always worse than the crime. This applies to mistakes at work too. Your employer will respect you more if you immediately own up to the error and take corrective action. Not only will your employer be less likely to hold the mistake against you if you bring it to their attention, but your employer will also trust you more in the future because they’ll be able to count on you to check your work and speak up if something is wrong.
  • Accepting responsibility. Don’t ever blame others for your error. Admit to your employer you’ve had a slip-up; acknowledge you were to blame; and apologize for making the mistake.
  • Explaining your plans to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Employers will be forgiving of mistakes – especially from a new staff member – if they are confident the problem has been fixed and repeated slip-ups won’t hinder productivity. When you bring the error to your boss’ attention, also come prepared with an explanation of what went wrong and how you’ll be making sure that a similar issue won’t develop in the future. This could mean indicating that you’ll double check your work more carefully, that you’ll ask questions before you submit work, or that you’ll do some studying up so you’re more familiar with the task that you were doing when you made the error.

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