How to Prove Your Safety Record

If you are applying for a light industrial job, a good safety record is likely one of the top criteria an employer will be looking for. Industrial workers face a higher risk of workplace injuries than employees in many other fields. Employers do not want injuries because of the human costs of a hurt worker and the financial consequences, including lost productivity, higher workers’ comp premiums and the potential for citations and fines.

Since industrial employers place a premium on workplace safety, you can boost your chances of being hired for a job if you are able to provide evidence of your stellar safety record. To prove you are going to be an employee who has a great track record of following safety rules, show your employer your commitment to safety by:

  • Studying up on the rules. Before you go to your interview, you should review some of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules that apply to your position. You should think about past training you have had, and regulations that you have had to follow in past workplaces. When the employer asks you about any safety issues or about work situations, you should be prepared to show off your detailed knowledge of applicable safety rules.
  • Providing concrete examples of your commitment to safety. If you have served on any workplace safety committees, won any safety awards or otherwise have quantifiable proof of your commitment to safety, highlight these details on your resume. Be prepared to offer specific examples at a job interview of how you have taken safety seriously at past positions.
  • Asking safety-related questions. The person doing the hiring is probably going to ask you if you have any questions. When you are given the opportunity to ask about the business, consider asking a question that relates to workplace safety. For example, you could inquire as to what safety training the company offers. By showing your interest in safety protocols, you let the potential employer know just how important safety is to you.

Addressing workplace safety issues during an interview is really important, not only so you can demonstrate your safety record, but so you can make sure the employer cares about workplace safety. You don’t want to work for a company that does not put safety first.

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