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Successful companies often produce hundreds or even thousands of products every single day, and many big companies also process a substantial number of orders daily.

It is order pickers who do the technical work required to make sure raw materials are where they need to be and make sure every order is correct so customers are not disappointed. Order pickers play a vital role in a company’s supply chain by ensuring the right items are delivered to the right departments or are prepared for shipment to consumers who are waiting for a delivery.

If you have the skills to be a good order picker and are interested in this type of job, the good news is staffing professionals can help you to find order picking work with great companies. There are hot jobs open now for order pickers that SmartTalent can help you to land. Some of the duties you might expect to spend your days fulfilling if you are hired as an order picker include:

  • Reading schedules to determine what must be moved or distributed. Work orders, shipping orders and production schedules all dictate when items are ready to be packaged up and shipped.
  • Opening all types of containers. You’ll be opening crates, boxes and bales along with a variety of other storage and transport vessels.
  • Sorting materials. Items will need to be sorted according to designated sequences that dictate exactly where items go. Missorting could create tremendous problems down the line, so companies may be especially interested in hiring someone with a proven track record of sorting successfully.
  • Delivering materials where they need to go. Order pickers may have to distribute requested materials to assembly lines and production workers. They may need to deliver materials from a receiving area to storage, production or other designated locales. Being able to lift at least 50 pounds and determining where materials go are skills that are in high demand for order pickers.

These are just a few of the daily tasks order pickers do for the companies that employ them. If you are interested in helping companies get their shipment and production processes working efficiently by accurately picking orders, SmartTalent can help you find a job with tasks that are the ideal fit for you.

Give our staffing professionals a call today to find out more about hot jobs for order pickers, as well as other open positions across a wide variety of industries in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lacey, Lynnwood, Everett and surrounding areas.

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