Keeping Productivity High During the Summer

Employee productivity tends to wane during the summer months as staff members focus on vacations and are eager to get out of work to enjoy the nice weather. You don’t want efficiency at your organization to suffer because staff members become distracted and unmotivated during the warm summer months. To help ensure your organization still operates at full speed:

  • Consider bringing on temporary workers to fill gaps when employees are out. Many employees like to take vacations during the summer months, which could leave your company shorthanded and impede productivity. Not only could you be left with fewer people to do the work that must be accomplished, but the staff members who are still at work could become frustrated and less productive if they feel overburdened because you are short-handed. Bring in temp workers so no one is overwhelmed with work responsibilities. These new temp employees should also be excited about the opportunity, and their excitement can be catching so other staff members also become more motivated.
  • Explore the possibility of offering flextime to allow employees a better work/life balance. Staff members may experience a decline in productivity when they’re worried about who is taking care of kids who are off school for the summer. If you want to ensure that employees are focused at work, consider the possibility of offering flextime to help staff members better manage work and family obligations.
  • Provide incentives for top performance to keep your staff motivated to succeed. When you notice staff members starting to lose focus, consider offering bonuses for accomplishing specific goals. Even something as simple as a staff pizza party for achieving a milestone or finishing a task could be enough to get your team refocused on accomplishing their job tasks in a timely and productive manner.

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