Hot Job: Rough Grinder

Are you good with your hands, hardworking and eager to learn? Do you want a job that comes with a competitive salary and benefits? Working as a rough grinder could be a great career option, and there are hot jobs open for rough grinders right now that our staffing service could help you land. Below are reasons why working as a rough grinder could be ideal for your next position.

  • You can get a great job without a lot of past experience. Many jobs that come with benefits and a good salary require a lot of professional experience. Working as a rough grinder does not. Entry-level candidates are encouraged to apply for the open jobs available now, especially those candidates who are eager to learn. You’ll be trained in the skill of grinding casings to remove excess material and earn a good hourly wage and competitive benefits.
  • You can take ownership of product quality. A key part of your job as a rough grinder will be to inspect castings for defects. You will also be responsible for using both jigs and fixtures to check castings. Your efforts at quality control will help create great finished products, giving you the pride of knowing that your work made a difference at the end of the day.
  • You’ll build your professional skills. In addition to grinding castings and placing them in an appropriate pallet or box, you’ll also get appropriate training in meeting company expectations, including reading and interpreting simple diagrams. The skills you will learn in this general production labor job will give you the ability to advance in your career and learn how to thrive in a production environment.

These are just a few of the many reasons you should consider applying for a job as a rough grinder with a top company. SmartTalent can help you take action in advancing your career if you think his position is right for you.

We can also help you explore other career opportunities as our staffing service assists both entry-level and skilled workers in finding work that is right for them. To find out more about hot jobs that would be a good fit for you, give us a call today.

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