How to Make an Impression in a Phone Interview

Many companies opt to do phone interviews as a first step before bringing you in, or even do phone interviews instead of in-person interviews. If you are asked to do a phone interview, make sure the hiring manager is impressed by your conversation. There are a few key tips you should keep in mind to make that happen:

  • Set the stage for a successful interview. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged and you will get good reception. Set up the interview at a time when you will be in a good frame of mind and when there will be absolutely no interruptions. Make sure you set up in a quiet place so you can hear interview questions and the person who is interviewing you will be able to hear you without a lot of background noise.
  • Practice interviewing over the phone. A phone interview can make you nervous, so it’s best if you do a few “practice” interviews before you make the important call. Arrange to talk with a friend or family member for a test interview and get feedback on your tone and on the speed of your speech to make sure you’re coming across as professional.
  • Research the company. You want to know about the company and what they are looking for so you’ll be ready to ask questions and be able to anticipate the kinds of questions you will be asked to reply to. You can also prepare answers to common questions you can expect to be asked so you’ll be prepared.
  • Have your resume in front of you. Be able to easily refer to your resume when you are on the call.
  • Dress for success and keep a smile on your face. If you are in your pajamas and frowning when you make the call, this can make you sound less confident and less eager for the position. Dress in professional clothing and put a smile on your face to get in the right mindset.

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