Could Your Resume Be Better?

Your resume is one of the key documents that determines if you get hired for a job or not. You need to have the best resume possible to capture the eye of the hiring manager and ensure you are making a positive first impression. A lackluster resume is unlikely to inspire a company to move you on in the application process and you could be missing out on great opportunities if your resume does not stand out from the crowd.

To help improve your resume:

  • Opt for the right resume format: For most job seekers, a chronological format is the best option because it shows off their career succession. But, if you don’t have a long history of past jobs in a relevant field, a skills-based resume could allow you to organize your career successes in a better way to show off all you have done.
  • Streamline the resume copy: You don’t want to force a hiring manager to read pages of information about your past jobs. Streamline the resume to contain the best and clearest examples of your past successes. Make the resume easy to read and show quantifiable proof of your accomplishments, like awards you’ve won or targets you’ve met.
  • Add headers to make the resume easy to read: Make sure your resume contains appropriate headers to direct the hiring manager’s attention to your biggest accomplishments and allow the hiring manager to go directly to the information they are interested in.
  • Include only key information: Your goal is to show why you are right for a job. Including irrelevant information won’t help you accomplish that goal and could cause the hiring manager to miss what is important on your resume. Focus on jobs that are relevant to the position you are applying for and make sure the person looking at your resume can immediately see you have the specific skills the job ad mentioned the company was looking for.
  • Have a recruiter review your resume: Recruiters know the kinds of resumes that impress companies. Draw from the experience of a recruiter to make your resume as impressive as possible.

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