Is Your Negativity Holding You Back?

When you’re looking for a job or you do not love your current position, it’s easy to become focused on the negatives. Unfortunately, all this negativity can hurt your career prospects and prevent you from advancing into a better position or finding work you love.

Negativity can hold you back because:

  • You won’t pursue as many opportunities. If you don’t believe in your abilities or aren’t excited about advancing your career, you’re less likely to do things like apply for a great new position that opens, try for a promotion at work, or even push yourself beyond doing the basics of your job. If you never try to do better, you’ll end up stuck in a situation you don’t love when there might be an opportunity just around the corner that would enhance your happiness. Instead of thinking you can’t do something or that you won’t succeed, instead tell yourself that you’re going to try and that there’s at least a chance everything will work out.
  • Your negative attitude will come across to employers. Employers want to have staff members who are happy and excited about the work they are doing. If you’re constantly critical or have a bad attitude, you may impede productivity of the whole team – and your manager is sure to be aware of your negativity. Instead of looking for things you don’t like, problems at your organization, or things that are wrong, focus instead on ways you can improve your work conditions.
  • You’ll dislike your job more. Too many people focus on everything wrong with their job without thinking about the good things. Instead of going home and complaining about your day, try to identify one or two good things that happened and share those with your friends and family. By training yourself to focus on everything that’s good about your work instead of the things that are wrong, you’ll likely become happier at work even if nothing else changes for the better.

Overcoming negativity is easy if you have a job you love that you are passionate about. SmartTalent can help you to find great career opportunities in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lacey, Lynwood, Everett and surrounding areas. To find out more about how our staffing service can help you to excel at work, give us a call today.

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