Why You’re Not Hearing Back After an Application

There is nothing more frustrating than applying for jobs and failing to hear back from companies you are interested in working for. Unfortunately, this is a routine part of searching for work and it happens to everyone.

Failing to get responses is not normal; however, there may be specific reasons why companies aren’t reaching out to you after you submit your information. Some of the key reasons you may not be hearing back include:

  • You’re applying for companies that you aren’t a great fit for. If you are sending resumes for jobs you are clearly lacking the hard skills for, you are just wasting your own time and the employer’s time. It is unlikely an employer will get back to you at all – even to formally reject your application – if you’ve applied for a job without meeting the basic criteria that was listed in the job ad.
  • You aren’t customizing your application materials. If you send off a generic resume and cover letter that don’t address the specific job you’re applying for, employers are not going to be impressed with your lack of effort. They’re not likely to waste their time replying to your application when they know that you did not spend any time getting that application ready before you submitted it.
  • There are errors in your contact information. Surprisingly, some people will send out resumes and cover letters that have old phone numbers and other contact information that is no longer valid. If this is the case, companies may be trying to contact you in response to the application that you submitted but may simply be unable to get ahold of you. They’re unlikely to try to track you down if you do not respond to the first call or email they send about the job.

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