What’s Holding Your Job Search Back?

Are you looking for work and starting to feel you’ll never be successful? If so, you aren’t alone. Unfortunately, finding a new position can be a challenge even when you do everything right – and can be downright impossible if you make mistakes during the process.

The good news is, it’s easy to avoid common errors that could hold your job search back – if you know what those mistakes are. Some of the top errors that could be affecting your efforts to find work include:

  • Not filling out applications thoroughly. If you do not provide all the information hiring managers are looking for, chances are you won’t get a call back. Failing to complete an application shows you aren’t really interested in the job. It also means the hiring manager has much less information to go on when deciding whether you are the ideal candidate. To avoid this error, carefully consider your answers to any questions you are asked and thoroughly reply to each query on the application with a thoughtful answer that shows why you are the right person for the position.
  • Not customizing your application. Hiring managers can quickly spot generic resumes and cover letters, and they’ll often reject candidates immediately who did not care enough to personalize their application materials to the job description. To make sure you can advance in the hiring process, take the time to draft a cover letter and resume specific to the position that shows you have the skills the company is looking for.
  • Making spelling or grammar mistakes in your application. Your application is your chance to put your very best foot forward. If you make mistakes in the application, chances are good the company won’t be impressed and will be concerned about the sloppy errors you might make in the future.

These are just a few reasons why your job search may not be a successful one. You may also find it difficult to handle the search process on your own. The good news is, you don’t have to. SmartTalent can help job seekers in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lacey, Lynwood, Everett and surrounding areas find the job of their dreams. Just give our staffing service a call today to find out more about the ways in which we can help you to find work.

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