How Do You Handle Criticism?

Handling Criticism - SmartTalentAs part of your job search, you’ll likely go on multiple interviews until you find the perfect position. Preparing answers to common interview questions is one of the best ways you can ensure that you make a favorable impression. One question you should be prepared to answer is: How do you handle criticism?

Thinking about this question is not only going to make it easier for you to provide a good answer, it is also going to help you succeed in your next career endeavor. Being able to respond positively to criticism allows you to grow professionally and makes you a more valuable team member.

So, how should you answer this question?

  • Think about what the interviewer is trying to learn. The goal of the hiring process is to make you seem like an attractive candidate. As you prepare answers to interview question, think about the questions from the employer’s perspective so you can give truthful answers that paint you in the best light. When a potential employer asks how you handle criticism, the goal is to see if you’re open to learning new things and eager for self-improvement. Your answer should demonstrate you’re ready and eager to improve.
  • Answer positively. Never give negative answers about yourself during an interview. While honesty is paramount and you cannot lie, try to put a positive twist on every answer you give. As a result, when asked how you handle criticism, think of an answer that shows the ways in which you are able to incorporate criticism to help you grow.
  • Be specific. Hiring managers don’t want vague platitudes or stock answers. Provide concrete and detailed examples of criticism you’ve received in your past and explain how you responded in a way that was positive and enriching.

When you think about common interview questions and come up with good answers, you’re much more likely to get hired for your dream job. Of course, you need to get the interview in the first place. SmartTalent can help with your job search in Kirkland, Lynwood, Renton, or surrounding areas. Get in touch today to learn how our staffing service can help you land interviews with top companies in your area.


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