Dealing With a Dramatic Employee

Different employees have different personalities, and some are much easier to work with than others.  Sometimes, however, you’ll find one of your staff members has a flare for the dramatic. While this can cause problems, you can also harness their energy to help your company do great things – if you know how to deal effectively with them.

Some tips to help you deal with a dramatic employee include:

  • Establishing parameters for acceptable behavior. While being dramatic isn’t a bad thing, there are certain kinds of behaviors that simply can’t be permitted in an orderly workplace. Make sure your employee knows what is out of bounds. This could include behaviors such as yelling at co-workers or crying in meetings – whatever you decide causes too much of a disruption to your workday.
  • Focusing the employee’s attention on work that needs to be done. When an employee starts to behave dramatically, focus their attention on the work at hand. When there are tasks to be done, there’s no time for unnecessary drama. Your dramatic employee’s passions can be put to good use, so the employee’s energy is harnessed for accomplishing big things.
  • Making sure to intervene before situations escalate. When an employee starts to create problems with others, such as gossiping or starting fights, it’s important to put a stop to any unacceptable behavior right away. Otherwise, your employee’s actions could be off-putting to co-workers and could create a toxic environment. A dramatic employee will need a little more hands-on management and supervision, so you can spot when something starts to go awry and act to redirect focus or prevent the employee from taking actions that go beyond the bounds of what’s permitted.

Sometimes, you may find working with a dramatic employee is just too difficult. When you need to find workers who will be a good fit for your team and that won’t cause problems, SmartTalent can help. Give our staffing service a call to learn how we can help you to build a great team in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lacey, Lynwood, Everett and surrounding areas.

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