Why a Good Night’s Sleep is Vital to Your Job Performance

You’ve worked hard to acquire a killer skill set and you’ve actively cultivated a strong professional network to achieve success. You don’t want to throw that all away because you’re too sleepy. It may seem like a silly concern, but it can make a big difference. A good night’s sleep lets you meet the day alert and ready to succeed – meaning its vital for reaching the highest level of job performance. 

But we get it. Sometimes you just want to have a good time. You want to stay out a little late, even though it’s a Tuesday, or push through the last couple episodes of your Netflix binge. Other times, you’re just having trouble getting to sleep. Anxiety, insomnia, or even just a little too much caffeine, are keeping you awake. 

Whatever the cause, these late-night sessions can take a toll the next day at work. If they happen once in a while, these won’t cause any lasting damage. You’ll have a drowsy day at work, and then you’ll make up the sleep over the weekend.  

However, a sustained period of poor sleep will start to impact your overall performance. This, in turn, will start to affect your career. With that in mind, here are some of the specific benefits you get from a good night’s sleep: 

More Productive  

Think about what it’s like to feel tired. You get logy and slow and generally unable to get much done. Without a good nights sleep, that’s how you show up at work. And it’s only downhill from there, as you will only get more tired as your shift drags on. Getting enough allows you to get more accomplished and work at a higher level of quality. 

Fewer Mistakes 

You won’t just work better when you have enough rest. You’ll also lower the risk of an embarrassing error. When you’re tired, you become more prone to mistakes. Most of these will be minor, but, theoretically, you could open yourself up to a career-changing blunder.  

Think of what it’s like driving a car when you’re sleep-deprived. An accident becomes much more likely. Now, consider the fact that every day you’re driving your career forward. Don’t risk the same type of catastrophic crash involving your professional reputation. 

Less Risk of Accidents  

We were talking metaphorically before when we were discussing car crashes. Now, we’ll make the subject more literal. The kind of mistakes you might commit when you’re tired isn’t limited to career-mangling situations. Sometimes they can endanger your physical safety as well. A good night’s sleep makes injury-causing accidents far less likely. 

Better Coworker  

A bad night’s sleep doesn’t just impact your performance. It can affect the entire office. A lack of rest can leave you surly and grumpy. You might start snipping at your coworkers, or your diminished performance might cause them to start taking shots at you. Either way, you’re a better team member when you have a good night’s sleep. 

More Able to Capture Opportunities  

A lack of sleep might seem like a small-scale problem. But if it becomes an ongoing issue, it can alter your career trajectory. Navigating the corporate hierarchy requires attention. If all you’re thinking about is when you can grab a nap, it’s difficult to sustain career momentum. 

A good job will leave you energized and excited to arrive at work every day. A top recruiting firm, like SmartTalent, can help you find these opportunities. 

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