Improve Your Leadership Ability By Improving These 5 Skills

Want to become a better leader? Of course you do. There’s a catch, though. “Leadership” isn’t a single thing. It’s actually a complex web of disparate capabilities. To improve your leadership ability, you need to focus on improving these more targeted skills.

After all, leadership is more than just achieving a supervisor’s title. It’s also more than just being the boss. Instead, it represents a complicated, tangled process, involving a wide variety of talents.

As a result, to get better, you have to break things down. You have to unpack “leadership” into smaller component competencies. Get better at these other abilities and your leadership effectiveness will expand as well.

What are the most important of these core capabilities?

Here are the five skills you should master in order to improve your leadership ability:


Leadership isn’t just about getting people to do what you want. However, that’s part of the equation. You give instructions and you want your staff to follow them. There’s a crucial element to that process that many potential leaders ignore: communication.

Are your instructions clear and actionable? Do you present them in a positive way? Are you able to motivate your staff to give their best performance every day? These are all elements of communication. By improving this vital skill, you make it easier to do every other part of your job.


Communication goes both ways. If you’re just issuing orders and waiting for the results, you’ve missed out on a big aspect of leadership. You should also be open to feedback from your staff. They can provide amazing ideas and give you the data you need to make optimal decisions.

Listening may seem like a natural skill that everyone possesses. But it isn’t. Active listening requires thought and practice. It’s about hearing what another person is really trying to say. It also involves asking the right questions to get all the information you can. Hone your listening skills to maximize your leadership ability.


Do you know what’s going on with your staff? Do you know what everyone does day-to-day? More than that, do you understand your employees’ hopes and ambitions? Do you understand their emotional needs?

All these important factors fall under the general category of “awareness.” It’s about being in touch with your staff and the general environment that they operate in. The skill involves tracking production and workflow…and also staying in touch with the emotional tenor of the office.


Stay up to date with the latest trends in your industry. This will help you stay ahead of the competition. It will also spark innovative ideas and let you maximize your team’s potential.

In our modern age, research seems pretty self-explanatory. Just head to Google, right? Not quite. Meaningful research takes time and skill to perform properly. Get better at this task and you open the door to a better future.

Conflict Resolution

Even the closest coworkers can run into a conflict. Your job is to ease tensions and get everyone back to work. It can be a touchy situation. But that’s why you’re in a leadership position, right?

Being able to defuse tense situations keeps your staff on task. A good leader will anticipate problems and de-escalate before conflicts derail operations. Get better at identifying and calmly easing any building tension. That way, everyone can work in a productive, welcoming atmosphere.

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