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How to Transition from Temporary to Full Time

In relationship terms, it started off as a fling. Now you want to make it something monogamous. In other words, you want to turn that temporary gig into your full-time position. How do you get that done?

It’s not an uncommon occurrence. A Forbes report, citing information from a major New York staffer, suggested that 70% of temporary positions could eventually become permanent. Clearly, these temp roles can provide an excellent route to full-time employment.

However, that transition isn’t guaranteed. It takes dedication and hustle to change your temporary role into something more permanent.

Here’s how you can make the move to a full-time job:

Deliver Excellent Work

This is the baseline requirement to make a transition to a permanent role. If you don’t do your job well, the company won’t consider making a bigger commitment. Excel at your tasks and seek out additional responsibilities. By making yourself a valuable member of the team, you increase the chances of landing that full-time job.

Learn About the Company

If you want to make the company a permanent part of your life, you should know as much as you can about it. This will let you know whether you want to pursue a full-time job with the organization in the first place.

Seek Out Feedback

Don’t just perform your responsibilities well. Look for ways to improve over time. You want to show your supervisors that an investment in you will pay off. By doing this, they will start to see a longer-term future with you in it.

Achieve this goal by seeking feedback. Talk to your bosses and to your coworkers. Find out how you can improve. This will not only upgrade your performance, but it will also help you build relationships with those around you.

Talk to Your Supervisor

Let people know that you’d be interested in a full-time position. Through these conversations, you can learn whether such a transition is even possible. If the company won’t consider a permanent offer, you want that information as early as possible.

Meanwhile, talking openly about your ambitions will help you figure out the necessary steps. You can better estimate a timeline and target your efforts in ways that maximize your chances of scoring full-time employment.

Make Connections

The decision to hire you won’t be made by a company. It will be made by individual people. The better your relationship with those around you, the more likely it is that you’ll get the offer you want.

Consider it a very focused form of networking. Take time to build connections with your bosses and your coworkers. These should pay off when you start pursuing a full-time assignment.

Bide Your Time

Don’t rush the process. You can’t force your way into a full-time position. Meanwhile, getting too aggressive might hurt your cause.

Instead, use the information you learned about the company to form a realistic timeline. Then be patient about your approach. Remember: you’re playing the long game.

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