Is There a Reason an Employer Shouldn’t Hire You? Address It

SmartTalent - Reasons an Employer Shouldnt Hire YouWhen you begin a job search, you want to make sure you come across as a competent and qualified candidate that employers are looking for. Unfortunately, no candidate is perfect or has everything that an employer may be seeking. If you have some weaknesses in your resume or work history that are affecting your ability to find the job of your dreams, it’s time to tackle those issues head-on and find solutions to overcome your issues.

How can you minimize your weaknesses and make sure they don’t prevent you from finding the perfect new position? Here are a few tips:

  • Try to eliminate or overcome the weakness. When possible, see if you can correct the flaw in your resume or work history that is affecting your job search. If you haven’t worked for a while or don’t have a lot of experience in the field, for example, consider a temp-to-hire or a volunteer position so you can get some experience under your belt.
  • Address the issue openly and honestly. If you know an employer or hiring manager has concerns about a particular issue, don’t try to hide it or avoid talking about it. Instead, explain why the perceived weakness won’t affect your job performance and detail what you are doing and have done in the past to overcome it. The more detailed you are in discussing how you can turn your negatives into assets, the more likely it is that hiring managers will overlook them.
  • Emphasize the positive. While you want to address your weaknesses, you don’t want to dwell on them. Be sure to emphasize the other skills and abilities you have to show hiring managers why those things are more important.  You can also organize your resume to show your strengths, such as using a skills-based resume rather than a chronological one if you don’t have a long work history in your desired field.

When you have weaknesses in your professional history, working with a staffing service can be the best way to make sure your job search is as successful as it can be.  SmartTalent can help you overcome your workplace weaknesses and find great positions in Lynnwood, Fife, Renton, Kirkland, and surrounding locations. Learn more today by contacting our staffing company for help with your job search.


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