Is it OK to text the recruiter I’ve been emailing?

Everyone hates unsolicited texts. Not responding to these spam messages is so common, it doesn’t even count as ghosting. It’s just normal behavior.

However, sometimes you have to break the unspoken rules and send an unsolicited text to a recruiter you have been emailing with. It can be a risky move. In the right circumstances, it can create a more efficient communication structure and fast-track the process of finding you a job. Handle the situation in the wrong way, and you could alienate a potential professional ally and set yourself back.

How do you know what to do? Here’s a guide for deciding whether it is OK to text a recruiter you’ve been emailing with:

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Texting a Recruiter

Before you attempt to open a text conversation with a recruiter, you should consider the situation. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when making your decision:

Have you asked them if you can text?

Don’t text a recruiter (or really anyone) if you don’t have permission. If you’re already emailing them, ask them if a text would be an acceptable way to contact them. Even if you don’t plan on texting them, it can’t hurt to make the request early in your communication, so you have that option later on.

Did they give you their number?

If you have to scour the Internet to find a recruiter’s phone number, that should give you a hint. You probably shouldn’t be texting them.

A phone number included in the signature section of an email suggests they are open to calls or texts. In the absence of this, wait until they offer their number or ask them for it directly.

Have they ever texted you?

It’s more than acceptable to respond to texts you receive from a recruiter. Once they break that seal, feel free to use text as a communication tool.

What do you want to say?

You’ve established email as your main line of communication. Stick to that unless you have some vital need to send a text. As you consider whether to send your message, just weigh whether an email would work just as well.

Rules to Follow for Text Exchanges with Recruiters

You’ve determined that it makes sense to start texting. Even so, the success of your communication will depend on your technique.

There are a lot of ways to botch a text conversation. The medium itself sometimes encourages over-familiarity and reliance on shorthand techniques that can cloud meaningful discussion. For those reasons, it’s important to keep some rules in mind:

  • Stay professional. Don’t assume texting a person makes them your friend. Keep your professional demeanor.
  • Don’t rely on abbreviations or emojis. It may feel strange in a text conversation but write out what you want to say. This avoids confusion and maintains your professional decorum.
  • Don’t text during off-hours. People can ignore emails easier than they can a text. Don’t bother your recruiter with midnight questions. Wait to send your message until working hours.
  • Keep text exchanges brief. Don’t blow up your recruiter’s phone. Don’t send any more texts than are necessary to move the process along.

Strong communication with your recruiter can accelerate your professional development. A top staffing agency, like SmartTalent, can give you the support and guidance you need to land the perfect job.

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