How to Reschedule Your Interview (with Examples)

How to Reschedule Your Interview (with Examples)

When going into an interview, you want everything to go perfectly. However, sometimes that doesn’t happen. Occasionally, an emergency will create a conflict that forces you to reschedule an interview. How can you do this without blowing your chance at landing the job?

Remember, just getting an interview ranks as a major accomplishment. One rule of thumb suggests that it takes at least 10 applications to land an interview. Meanwhile, another study found that sending out more than 80 applications only secures an 85% chance of getting to the interview stage.

Given these dynamics, you don’t want to squander the chance at an interview. That means handling any rescheduling as carefully as possible, minimizing the chance that moving times undermine your ability to get hired.

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If you run into a scheduling conflict, it’s possible to change times and still make a great impression. It just takes tact and planning to handle the situation well. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to reschedule an interview:

Avoid Rescheduling as Much as Possible

Don’t rush to reschedule. Hiring managers are busy and have many options for most positions. You have to recognize the risks involved with giving up a set interview time — it might not be possible to get another one.

As such, try to resolve any scheduling conflicts without changing your interview time. As much as possible, give this meeting your top priority.

Don’t Drag Your Feet

Sometimes rescheduling becomes inevitable. If you reach that juncture, it’s critical to begin the process as early as possible. As soon as you realize that you can’t make the interview time, reach out to your contact at the company.

Keep Your Message Brief

HR managers don’t want to hear your life’s story. From their perspective, the crucial information is that you won’t make your interview time and would like another slot. Leave out a lengthy explanation and focus on getting the recruitment process back on track.

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Craft Your Message

So what should you discuss in your brief-as-possible communication? There are a few key elements you want to include:

  • Apologize for Needing the Change
  • Provide a (Brief) Reason
  • Show You Still Want the Job
  • Suggest Alternatives Times

Here’s an example of how to bring these elements together in a handful of sentences:

“Sorry for the inconvenience but I won’t be able to make our scheduled interview time. My mother had a health crisis and I need to take her to the doctor. Would it be possible to reschedule? I’m excited by this opportunity and would still love to meet with you to discuss it further. Any time next week would work for me. Please let me know if you have any additional availability. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your consideration.”

Stay Flexible about Potential New Times

As much as possible, be open to any potential times that the HR managers suggest. They are doing you a favor. Meanwhile, they likely already have a full slate of other candidates slotted into potential times. You should be ready to take whatever’s left over.

You should also stay flexible when it comes to formatting. It might be easier to squeeze in a virtual interview, rather than an in-person one. Or you might be asked to participate at an unusual time (early in the morning or later in the evening). Keep an open mind and do what you can to accommodate the employer.

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