5 Reasons Why You Should Accept a Position That Challenges You

You’re probably not that enthusiastic about heading to your job each day. That’s not a personal judgment — it’s a statistical fact. To remedy that boredom and frustration and to push your career to new heights, you should seek out a position that challenges you.

First, let’s look at those stats. One study found that only about a third of workers (36%) describe themselves as enthusiastic about their work. Meanwhile, 13% — a little more than one out of every seven people — are what is known as “actively disengaged,” completely unhappy with their position.

If you count yourself among the more than 60% of workers that wants more from their current position (and especially if you’re among the group who absolutely hate their jobs), there are steps you can take to get more out of your career. One of the best ways involves finding new challenges. By looking to push yourself, you take initiative for your career and drive your professional development forward.

Need more convincing? Here are five reasons why you should accept a position that challenges you:

Drive Your Career Forward

Think of your career as a video game. Once you defeat one level, it’s time to move on to the next one. The goal is to progress to more difficult (and presumably more rewarding) stages of your professional development.

However, unlike a game, this upward trajectory doesn’t come automatically. It’s easy to get stuck in one stage for a long time — possibly for the rest of your career. It’s up to you to push yourself.

For this reason, it’s important to embrace challenges. Look for ways to stretch yourself and take chances. That way, you can level up your career and keep moving forward.

Enhance Your Resume

On a purely logistical level, a challenging role looks great on a resume. Even if the situation proves too stressful to sustain over a long term, it lives forever in your work history. You can use it to secure other positions down the line.

As you review opportunities, think about how they will enhance your resume. This will help you choose among challenges. Gravitate towards the ones that have the most long-term relevance.

Build New Skills

You can look at challenging work assignments like a sweat-inducing workout. Yes, it can be unpleasant in the moment. But it builds muscles and stamina — making the next gym trip that much easier.

Similarly, a work challenge will build your professional skills. You might face a learning curve and some anxiety-ridden moments. However, in the end, you’ll come out the other side with more abilities and additional confidence.

Meet Interesting People

Networking is crucial to your long-term professional development. To get the most out of this strategy, you need to cultivate connections with decision-makers and plugged-in players. Those types of colleagues tend to exist on the higher levels of the corporate structure.

Challenging assignments have a greater chance of putting you in contact with interesting and powerful collaborators. These, in turn, can become helpful networking partners. Seeking out new and inspiring projects lets you broaden your web of connections.

Achieve Personal Enrichment

Don’t just think of challenging yourself in terms of future gains. Yes, striving for a higher salary or a more prestigious position can offer a significant enticement. But there’s more going on here.

A work challenge also presents an emotional payoff. By achieving a lofty goal, you generate an amazing sense of accomplishment. You’ll become a better person, as well as develop the confidence you need to take on even more difficult projects.

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