The Cost-Effective Benefits of Partnering With a Staffing Company

Finding the ideal employees can represent an expensive proposition. While the amount changes based on the position and the circumstances surrounding the hire, one estimate put the average cost of recruiting a new employee at around $4,000.

However, you can take steps to reduce that amount. Specifically, a partnership with a staffing company can cut the investment necessary to discover the perfect addition to your team.

Meanwhile, these benefits go beyond the short-term windfall of trimming that $4,000 bill. A staffing firm can offer long-term value as well. With that in mind, here are the cost-effective benefits of working with a recruiter:

Lower Recruiting Costs

A staffing firm can reduce the raw cost of finding ideal employees. Think about it as a matter of scale. An industrial bakery can make a loaf of bread at a fraction of the cost it would take you if you produced a one-off artisan creation in your kitchen. That’s just simple economics.

The same dynamics play a role in the hiring process. A staffing agency can leverage its dedicated tools and well-honed expertise to deliver a better-quality recruiting experience at a lower cost.

Faster Hiring

Don’t just think of hiring costs in terms of dollars. You make other investments as well. In many cases, you need to put projects on hold to free up time and resources needed to find your next employee.

A staffing agency can greatly reduce this impact. A recruiter can plug into a deep reservoir of talent, bringing you top candidates in a fraction of the time. This lets you accelerate your development and push your growth forward.

Additional Flexibility

A staffing firm can provide a wider set of solutions for your hiring needs. Beyond delivering candidates for your full-time staff positions, you can also explore part-time and temporary help.

By engaging with a recruiter, you create a more flexible staffing infrastructure. You have access to fill-in support for periods like seasonal surges or sudden large orders. You also have a wider variety of options, like trying out temp workers before deciding whether to pursue a full-time hire.

More Efficient Training  

Don’t just think of the hiring process itself. Rather, having the right professional on staff leads to multiple follow-on benefits. One of these comes at the training stage.

Since the recruiter has matched the needed skills with your requirements, you can fast-track your new hire. They will be able to sail through your onboarding and training process, getting them to productive work faster and at a lower cost.

Better Candidates Lead to Higher Productivity

Here’s another way that the financial savings from a staffing partnership last beyond the hiring stage. You’ll also experience subtle improvements over the course of a team member’s time with your company. Like compounding interest, the payoff continues to grow over time.

A recruiter will help you find the best talent available for your open positions. As a result, you’ll see long-term productivity improvement. This added efficiency will enhance your overall operations.

Ready to lower the cost of your hiring process? A top recruiter, like SmartTalent, can streamline your recruiting effort and improve your ability to attract the best talent.

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