How to Make Yourself Stand Out to Get the Promotion You Want

Not everyone can score a promotion. To move up in your company, you need to stand out. Yes, you need to be a team player — but you also have to spotlight your long-term potential. That way, you can achieve the advancement you want.

We talk about corporate ladders, but more often, companies have a different shape. Instead, firms are structured more like pyramids — lots of entry-level positions and a diminishing number of executive spots as you get closer to the top.

How do you distinguish yourself when you’re at the crowded levels towards the bottom of the corporate hierarchy? There are steps you can take. Here are a few ways to make yourself stand out and position yourself for the promotion you want:

Do Your Job Well

As you dream big, don’t forget the basics. Your company needs you to fill certain tasks in the present. You might see your current role as a stepping stone to higher positions, but your supervisors need a certain job done. If you want to be considered for more responsibility, make sure you excel at every assignment you are asked to perform.

Make Yourself Available and Seek Out Responsibility

Put yourself on your company’s radar by being available when the firm needs you. At the basic level, that means being present every day and willing to complete assignments given to you.

Beyond this, look to expand your current responsibilities. Signal your intentions to move up in the organization by showing your willingness to push your professional boundaries. Let your supervisors know that you want to take on extra assignments and seek out ways to expand your horizons.

Routinely Talk to Your Supervisor

Discuss your ambitions with your direct supervisor. They represent your best ally in moving ahead — and a potential veto vote for any step up. As such, you want them on your side. Accomplish this by soliciting their advice and support. Let them guide you to the next stage of your career.

Get to Know the Organization

Who are the power players in your company? Who will make the decision when it comes time for your promotion? What organizational hurdles will your advancement face?

Understanding the details of office politics will help you prepare. Get to know the process and the people involved. With this information, you can better position yourself for a successful outcome.

Network within the Company

Expand your contacts within the company. When it comes time for a promotion, decision-makers will ask around, gathering opinions from anyone who has had contact with you. Multiple people will need to sign off on your advancement. The wider your web of connections, the better chance you’ll have of getting strong recommendations.

Avoid Clashes with Teammates

Yes, you get things done. In fact, you’ll cut through every obstacle to achieve your goals — something your company should reward. But don’t become a jerk in the process.

Feuding with your coworkers will only throw up red flags about your potential as a leader. Rather, learn to optimize your performance in a diplomatic way. These people skills will only help you advance in the company.

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