How You Can Use Social Media as a Useful Tool in Your Job Search

In recent years, social media has expanded its influence into every aspect of modern life. Unsurprisingly, then, it has become an increasingly common part of the job-search process. For instance, one study reported by Glassdoor showed that nearly eight in 10 candidates (79%) will leverage this tool in their attempts to find a position.

In this way, social media has taken a place next to more traditional methods of finding a job. Combined with other forms of networking and old-fashioned scrolling through job postings, this tactic can increase your chances of landing your ideal job.

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As part of an integrated strategy, social media can complement the benefits you receive from other avenues of job search, like through networking or job placement partners. However, even as social media becomes nearly ubiquitous in job searches, many candidates don’t receive the full benefit. To help you maximize your ability to find your perfect job, here’s how you can use social media as a useful tool in your job search:

Clean Up Your Content

Think of the Hippocratic oath that doctors take. It jumps off from the concept “first, do no harm.” Apply that concept to your social media feed.

Before you can use your online presence as an effective career-building tool, you need to make sure it doesn’t hurt you. That means thinking critically about your posting habits.

Delete anything embarrassing or controversial. Watch who you follow and the kind of posts you like. Before pointing potential employers to your social media, ensure that it won’t trigger a negative response.

Create a Work-Focused Online Presence

Given the scrutiny, employers might give your previous social media posts and the difficulty of completely scrubbing long-standing accounts, your best bet might come from starting over again from scratch.

Create a feed dedicated to your career and change the privacy settings on your other accounts. Direct potential employers to the sources that make you look like the perfect candidate. At the same time, keep your personal accounts private, restricting them to people in your inner circle.

Expand Your Network

At its base, social media provides a powerful networking tool. You can use it to stay current with your personal and professional contacts, solidifying bonds that can pay off in job opportunities.

Simultaneously, you can expand your web of connections, following people in your industry and attracting others to follow you. These connections might seem casual at first. But this initial online contact can expand into a more meaningful relationship that could become important as your career progresses.

As you integrate social media into your strategy, keep up your efforts on other fronts. Continue to expand your network using traditional techniques. At the same time, reach out to a staffing agency. Get in touch with firms like SmartTalent to find great jobs quickly.

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Create receipts for the claims you make on your resume. As you reach milestones in your career, commemorate them with social media posts. This will bring you positive real-time attention. But, at the same time, you’ll document your accomplishments for the future.

During the hiring process, companies will take a close look at your social media feeds. As such, you’ll see value in turning them into a catalog of your accomplishments. Then, when some future prospective employer scrolls through, they can see how your career has improved over time.

Become a Thought Leader

You can do more than show off your individual accomplishments. Social media can also highlight the deep knowledge you’ve earned about your industry. Use your feed to share insights and spotlight interesting content, showing your value as a thought leader.

In this way, you can use your social media feed as a hub for a larger effort. For instance, you can begin writing a blog about your industry, using your social media following as a way to drive interest in your posts.

Learn about Potential Employers

So far, we’ve looked at how you can leverage content on your social media to present a better image to potential employers. However, you can turn this process around as well. Use your social media account as a research tool as you look for the perfect job.

Scan posts from companies that have recruited you. This will teach you valuable insights about their products and culture. You can even take the process a step further, scouting employers that you admire and making contact with them on social media.

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