5 Reasons Why a Job With Flexible Hours is Perfect For Your Summer Vacation

Ah, summertime. Time to relax, hit the beach, and completely forget about school for a few months.

It’s also a great time to earn some extra money. But is there anything better than fast-food joints for summer cash? Actually, there is. A job with flexible hours gives you the best option for summer vacation.

Summer jobs are likely to make a comeback after the pandemic. One study found that teen summer employment dropped to almost 30% during COVID, down from nearly 36% in 2019. Now that businesses are opening again, you should have some choices about where you work.

As you look around, focus on positions with flexible hours. Here are some of the benefits these jobs give you for your summer vacation:

It Fits Your Lifestyle

Some people need a job with a rigid structure. Family obligations and entrenched responsibilities can limit overall flexibility, leading people in these circumstances to look for a more predictable schedule.

However, as a high school student, you are free of many of these other pressures. As such, you can more easily adjust your day-to-day expectations. You don’t need a firm routine — meaning that you can fit the rest of your time around a flexible work schedule.

Get More from the Position

Flexible schedules offer obvious lifestyle benefits. However, even in strictly career terms, they can provide significant upsides. There is significant evidence that less-rigid working hours can boost productivity — meaning you’ll get more out of the hours you work.

These advantages appear on many fronts at once. Flexible schedules have been associated with less stress and higher worker satisfaction.

Finding the ideal employer goes a long way in achieving these goals. SmartTalent can connect you with the perfect role — making sure you get the most out of the experience.

Set Yourself Up for Next School Year

Your flexible position doesn’t have to end when the new school year begins. For most summer jobs, you need to cut back or quit entirely to focus on academics. But less rigid situations give you some added options.

Sure, you might have to limit the total amount of time you devote to your job once school starts again. Even so, you’ll have a chance to shape your work around your academic responsibilities. You can keep up with your job, letting you build experience and earn cash while you continue your education.

Have Time to Enjoy Your Summer

No one wants to devote a complete summer to work. Yes, you need the money. But you also want the chance to enjoy your time off.

With a flexible schedule, both are possible. You can still be spontaneous — spending time with friends or going on vacation — because you have more choices in how you spend any individual moment. Make sure you get your work done, but you still have a chance to maximize summer fun at the same time.

Get Used to a Key Professional Trend

Flexible schedules have become a crucial part of the professional landscape. After the COVID lockdowns, many companies switched to less-traditional schedules. With the rise of remote work, they had little choice.

As such, it’s best to get used to a flexible schedule now. With less oversight and more personal autonomy, you have a chance to accelerate the process of becoming a mature professional. It’s a great opportunity to prepare for the workforce of the future.

Ready to find the perfect flexible job this summer? Turn to SmartTalent to land the ideal assignment for you.

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