Do You Suffer From the Sunday Scaries? Here are 3 Ways to Fast Track Your New Job Hunt!

A job hunt can present a frightening situation, as you search for a way to fast-track your quest for a career-boosting opportunity. The weekend can provide a brief pause in the worry cycle. But the reprise can be all too brief. With Monday looming, and another round of searches and daunting applications, you can succumb to the Sunday Scaries.

Often, you can’t do much on weekends. You can’t send applications, because they might get buried in someone email. It leaves you with limited opportunities to do anything productive to move your job search forward.

There are ways to reclaim your forward momentum. You can use the downtime the weekend affords to take proactive steps toward a more aggressive approach. Instead of only relying on companies to respond to your applications, use these steps to unlock your potential and fast-track your job hunt.


You probably already know the importance that networking plays for a successful job search. That said, you probably don’t get the most you can out of the strategy.

You have to remember that networking is an ongoing process. Even if you are deep into a job search, you can’t say to yourself, “well, I already tapped into my network and that didn’t work…I guess I’ll have to try something else.”

Instead, you can reinvigorate the job hunt by returning to your contacts. Weekends and other off-hours present a great opportunity to take a step. It may feel like you’re just socializing or talking with friends. However, those encounters can move your career along. They can provide important information and potentially open doors to new opportunities.


The more you know about an industry, the more likely you are to achieve success. Research provides an excellent way to supplement your job search. If you feel stuck, take time to discover new information about your chosen field or the job-search process in general.

Methodically conduct your research. Don’t just surf the web hopping and hope something sticks. Seek out the answers to specific questions and take copious notes on your findings.

You can also turn your research skills toward individual companies. Instead of waiting for job posts, target companies you admire. Learn what they are looking for and hone your resume to match those expectations.

Develop Your Skills

Finding a new opportunity involves a sales job. You need to convince a company that your collective experience and skill set fits well in their organization. That goal gets easier when you have a diverse set of skills to sell.

In that vein, utilize your free time to help develop competencies that can help you land a job and progress in your career. This could include formal education, like taking night school classes. Or it can involve honing general skills, like learning how to use software like Excel or Adobe.

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