Ready for a Promotion? Prove Yourself With These Tips

Moving up the corporate ladder is exhilarating – at least when it goes well. However, when you stumble, it can create a frustrating, deflating experience. As such, it’s important to build the groundwork for any potential promotion so you’re in the ideal position when it’s time for the higher-ups to make a decision.

If you’ve been passed over for a promotion, don’t get discouraged. It’s a common experience. One study showed that nearly two-thirds of workers (61%) have missed out on an advancement opportunity they thought they deserved.

These situations become less likely if you build a strong foundation. Start by finding employers that encourage career advancement. A top recruiter, like SmartTalent, will steer you towards companies that reward hard work and talent. Partner with SmartTalent to align yourself with these exciting firms.

From there, there are other steps you can take to prepare for professional development. Here are a few tips that will help you get ready for that eventual promotion:

Outperform Your Boss’s Expectations

Start with the basics. To get a promotion, you first need to excel at your current job. That means going beyond the basic expectations for your positions.

Make yourself a consistent achiever. Treat your key KPIs as a floor. Take the steps necessary to push past those requirements, putting yourself on a level well above expectations.

Be Visible

Sad as it sounds, it’s not enough to perform better than expected. Your supervisors need to recognize your contribution as well.

Of course, a good boss will do that naturally. However, you can’t always count on it. Even great managers can get distracted or start to take stellar performances for granted.

Make sure this doesn’t happen. You don’t want to become an annoyance — but don’t let your performance wither in silence either. Take steps to ensure that your supervisors realize your value, so they will have it in mind when it comes time for promotions.

Ask for Feedback

Start by outperforming expectations. From there, your job is to keep improving. To do this, you should solicit feedback from those around you. Learn what you can do better and take that advice to heart.

Accepting feedback gets easier when you trust and respect your employer. SmartTalent can place you with innovative, nurturing companies — places that will foster your development. Reach out to SmartTalent to find the right corporate culture to encourage your best performance.

Add New Skills

While you’re improving on your current tasks, add new tricks to your bag. Expanding your skill set will open up your horizons. For promotions, it helps if these new abilities slot into the job you’re aiming for.

As such, target specific skills centered on your dream job. Also, look at general capabilities that you can leverage at higher rungs on the corporate ladder. This includes competencies like leadership, organization, and communication.

Seek Out Responsibility

Employers are reluctant to trust untested talent. Rather, they’d prefer if you show your abilities in limited roles before offering more permanent positions.

As such, you should take every opportunity to highlight your readiness to take the next step. Become a leader. When possible, take ownership of projects and seek out areas of responsibility.

Build Relationships

Finding a job often requires strong networking skills. As it turns out, landing promotions often use the same tactics. By nurturing connections with different people inside your company, you increase the backing you’ll receive when it comes time for a promotion.

Understand Your Value

Moving your career forward means maximizing your potential. Understand the value that you provide for your employer. A good understanding of your place in the market will help you target the right promotion for you.

Meanwhile, if you aren’t properly recognized in your current organization, a keen understanding of the market will help you find an employer who will recognize your true talents. A top recruiter, like SmartTalent, can find you the ideal place to thrive.

Contact SmartTalent today to broaden your horizons and unlock your highest potential.


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