Healthy Ways To De-Stress

While we’ve spent the last few years dealing with COVID, another epidemic has fallen off the radar: stress. Battling the traumas surrounding the virus has only added to the already rampant problem of anxiety. Now, more than ever, you need to find healthy ways to de-stress.

One survey discovered that one-third of Americans report dealing with extreme stress. This leads to serious consequences, with more than three-quarters of people reporting physical responses to added anxiety and nearly half disclosing trouble sleeping.

A good deal of this stress relates to work and the way that your career impacts your home life. As such, it’s crucial to find the ideal job for you. A top recruiter, like SmartTalent, can direct you to opportunities that let you minimize anxiety even while you maximize your potential. Reach out to SmartTalent to move towards a less stressful professional environment.

Beyond this, there are other steps you can take to assert more control over your mental health. With that in mind, here are a few healthy ways you can reduce anxiety and de-stress:

Take Advantage of the Mind-Body Connection

Anxiety exists in the mind. However, the process of stress is closely tied to your physical being. As such, you can improve your mental health through your body. Here are a few activities to try:

  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Yoga
  • Get Plenty of Sleep

Learn to Leave Work Behind

Work represents a significant source of stress. Among younger workers, it ranks in the top three causes of anxiety, along with health-related worries and money concerns. In fact, 69% of Gen Z adults and 71% of Millennials cite their careers as a major contributor to mental strain.

Given this situation, it’s important to learn how to leave those worries behind. Create a safe space at home where you can escape your career distress. By compartmentalizing your job, you make it possible to clear your head and lower your anxiety levels.

A strong work-life balance starts by having the right work environment. SmartTalent can steer you towards employers that encourage a thriving home life, as well as unlock your potential at work. Connect with SmartTalent to find the best situation for you.

Unplug from Devices

Mobile devices are among the miracles of modern society. They can also provide significant joy, from connecting us to loved ones to delivering adorable cat videos.

However, these products come with their downsides as well. Evidence is mounting that too much focus on our online lives can contribute to anxiety. As such, find time to unplug. Schedule parts of your day that don’t include devices and focus more on old-fashioned distractions.

Get the Most Out of Your Free Time

Often, leaving work means trading one source of stress for another. Don’t let that happen to you. Find havens in your free time to bolster your mental health. Here are some ways to destress away from work:

  • Indulge Your Guilty Pleasures: From reality TV to horror movies, take your mind off your stressors with some mindless entertainment.
  • Develop a Hobby: Dive into an activity that calms your mind.
  • Spend Time with Friends and Family: Your support system can provide an excellent way to ease your mind. Find time to be with the ones you love.
  • Go Outside: The modern world encourages a lot of inside time. Let go of some of your anxiety by enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Keep Learning: Direct your mind towards something other than your stressors. Dive into a subject you find interesting. You’ll reduce anxiety while improving yourself.

Love Your Job

Minimizing stress isn’t just about dealing with anxiety as it comes. The process starts with avoiding excessive mental strain before it takes effect. You can do this by finding the perfect job for you.

Gravitate towards positions that fit your skills and background. You want to stretch yourself, as healthy challenges will keep you engaged. However, you never want to feel dramatically over your head.

At the same time, look for jobs that suit your personality as well. Look for opportunities that:

  • Provide sufficient salary to avoid money concerns.
  • Include a schedule that fits your lifestyle.
  • Offers strong benefits, lowering worries about things like healthcare.
  • Allows for a strong work/life balance.

All that might sound like a big ask. However, it’s possible to find opportunities that minimize your sources of anxiety. SmartTalent can connect you with ideal situations, offering ways to drive your career forward without burying you under stress.

Contact SmartTalent today to find the perfect job for you.

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