Four Strategies to Keep Your Job Search Moving Forward

SmartTalent - 4 Strategies to Keep Your Job Search Moving ForwardIt is quite common for a job search to stall, or even come to a screeching halt, no matter how well you plan the search. But, when this happens, you need to be prepared in order to get it back in motion. In today’s post, we will discuss four strategies to keep your job search moving forward so you can land a job without the worry of the search stalling.

Create a Plan for Your Career

The first thing you need to do when trying to keep your job search moving forward is to create a plan for your career. You must step back and take a long look at your career and where it has gone so far. You also need to think about where your career is headed. After you do this, put a plan in place for your career and begin measuring your progress in steps so you know what goals you are meeting along the way.

Promote Your Accomplishments

It can be difficult for people to brag about themselves and all they have accomplished during their careers, but this is important to a successful job search. Job searches will fizzle when candidates fail to promote what they have accomplished in their careers. You cannot be afraid to promote yourself in front of potential employers, recruiters and with your online portfolio. While promoting your accomplishments, you should also explain what it is you love most about your job. This will help potential employers understand why you love to work in the field in which you do.

Exhibit Passion

Candidates who exhibit passion in not only their careers, but also their job searches, will have an easy time keeping their search moving forward. Passion can be seen almost immediately when talking to someone about their profession, which is why you must exude it as often as possible. Never complain about your job or lament choosing the career path you have taken in life. The moment you begin to do these two things, your job search will ultimately stall.

Do Something New Each Day

Take your daily routine to a new level by adding something different to your schedule each day. Do not repeat your routine Monday through Friday. If you can do at least one thing differently each day, you should have no difficulty keeping your job search moving forward this year. Think about reading publications from a different industry, having lunch in a different location or even cold-calling companies to request an informational interview.

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