How to Show Your Boss Your Appreciation this Holiday Season

The holiday season is coming soon. You’ve probably picked out gifts for many of those around you. But what about your boss?

It’s tough to find a great supervisor. One study found that nearly six out of 10 workers (59%) have never worked for a manager who “truly appreciates” their contribution. Another data set indicated that 58% of employees would trust a stranger before they put their faith in their boss.

These are sobering facts. If you find yourself in these situations, it might be time for a change. A top recruiter, like SmartTalent, can direct you to employers who will respect your work. Reach out to SmartTalent to find the right organization for you.

However, if you’ve already found a boss who gives you the encouragement and recognition you deserve, you should acknowledge how special that is. Show your supervisor that you value their support. Use the holiday season to show your appreciation for your boss. Here’s how:

Do Your Job Well

This might not seem like a very special gift. But, believe us, your boss will certainly appreciate it.

No, you shouldn’t just start performing well in the few weeks around the holidays. Rather, you can make this often-complicated time of the year easier for your supervisors by keeping up your strong contribution, even with the mounting holiday distraction.

Tell Them You Appreciate Them

Sometimes it’s enough just to say it. Management roles often involve tough decisions and even tougher conversations. In many instances, a supervisor has to enact unpopular policies or provide unwelcome feedback.

Given this reality, you can make a big impact by issuing a few heartfelt words of praise. Tell your boss you understand their situation and appreciate how well they have handled their responsibilities.

Of course, you don’t want to sound like you’re kissing up or trying to receive a favor in return. But if you keep your statements simple and sincere, you’ll get the message across without creating an awkward situation.

Say Nice Things About Them

Delivering some kind words to your boss in private is one thing. It might mean a lot more to say them in public. Praising your boss in front of coworkers can give them an important boost.

You don’t need to make a big show of this — it doesn’t even need to happen when your supervisor is present. Just tell the truth. If you think highly of your manager, let people know when your boss comes up in conversation.

This gets easier when you truly respect your manager and the overall organization. SmartTalent can connect you with these employers, helping you find supervisors that you feel proud to praise. Reach out to SmartTalent to locate your ideal professional situation.

Take Them to Lunch

How much social time have you spent with your boss? You might have a great working relationship. But a professional connection has its limits.

If you like and respect your manager, it might be time to deepen your bonds with them. This can include adding a social component and getting to know them more as an individual.

The holidays present an excellent opportunity to break out of old habits. Ask your supervisor out for lunch. You can learn more about them and show them you appreciate their mentorship. As an added bonus, this move can double as a great networking play.

Offer to Cover for Them During a Vacation

The holidays are a time of stress. Beyond personal and family commitments, work schedules are often thrown into disarray, putting more pressure on supervisors. Meanwhile, this happens at a time when many businesses face their busiest season.

As a result of these dynamics, your boss could probably use a vacation. Do what you can to facilitate this. Show that you can temporarily take over the necessary responsibilities for them to take a day or two off.

Those vacation days might not be possible during the holidays themselves. But once January rolls around, indicate your willingness to step up.

Again, this one comes with a potential boost for you. Doing a good job as a fill-in supervisor might help convince your boss that you’re ready for a promotion.

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