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A Different Way to Find a Job

Tired of the job-search grind? Does it feel like an endless treadmill, a lot of activity never really leading to any meaningful career progress? Well, there’s a different way to find a job: through a staffing agency.

In the modern economy, recruiters have become a crucial way to locate career opportunities. According to the American Staffing Association, an average working week includes about 3 million temporary and contract employees. All told, over the course of a year, 16 million Americans find work through staffing companies.

These positions allow you to add valuable skills, fill out your resume, and find long-term employers. More than that, it bypasses the slog that comes with the usual process of finding a job online.

How does a recruiter do this? Here are a few ways a staffing firm can offer a different way to find a job, maximizing your ability to land a position and offering valuable knowledge in your industry:

Apply to Dozens of Jobs, All at Once

The typical job-search process involves a lot of repetition. Each application requires you to walk through the same steps: filling out personal details, uploading resumes and cover letters, answering specific questions, and maybe taking a practical test.

This time-consuming routine quickly becomes frustrating.

Using a staffing firm lets you avoid some of the duplication. You can fill out one application and let the recruiter do the rest. Your details will get passed on to various potential employers, without your further input. It’s like applying to dozens of jobs, all at once.

Cut the Time Between Application and Offer

Every company has its own recruitment timeline. Even when they post jobs, they might not be ready to pull the trigger on a hire. Not right away. You end up waiting through a long, murky waiting period.

Typically, that’s not going to happen with a recruiter. When a company contacts a staffing firm with an open position, they want it filled as quickly as possible. Once you get matched with the right employer, the decision-making process happens quickly.

Receive Professional Advice

Applying to jobs can become a lonely pursuit. Just you, a computer, and the great silent expanse of cyberspace. A recruiter can bring back some of the human element.

Beyond this personal touch, a staffing agency will help you maximize your chances of landing the perfect job. They will optimize your resume and target the right positions for you.

Get Insights about Employers

Most job applications involve a leap of faith. You can do some research on potential employers, but most do a thorough job controlling their online reputations. It’s tough to get any real inside information.

A recruiter can help with this. Because they work closely with employers, staffing agencies have detailed insights about the companies. Find the best fit for you and learn what characteristics thrive best at the individual firms.

Have Someone on Your Side

People have undoubtedly told you about the value of networking. In fact, it’s probably the first advice you heard when you started job searching and you’ve likely heard it repeated dozens of times since.

Well, using a recruiter takes networking to the next level. Your friends, family members, and former coworkers might each have a connection to an individual employer. A good recruiter will have hundreds of potential companies in their rosters. A staffing agency, then, becomes the best friend you ever had when it comes to maximizing your networking power.

Ready for a new way to find a job? A good recruiter, like SmartTalent, can take your career to the next level.

Contact SmartTalent today to jumpstart your job search.


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