Hire Better in PNW: Choose SmartTalent

The task of hiring new employees can be a tricky and time-consuming one for hiring managers and team leaders. It can feel overwhelming to have to set aside precious time to draft job descriptions, set up and send out the job post to get people interested, then review applications, schedule and conduct interviews, and finally find and hire a new employee.

But it doesn’t have to be such a time commitment! SmartTalent Staffing and Recruiting can help!

With five offices across Washington, we specialize in helping local companies find talented new team members to bring busy offices the help they need. SmartTalent has more than 20 years of experience in finding skilled candidates in several industries, including accounting and finance, call center and customer service, IT staffing, light industrial and skilled labor, and event planning and production.

At the heart of our operation is a deep belief that building relationships with our clients founded on trust and communication is the key to our success—and yours. Our team works diligently to understand our client’s needs, to get to know their business and what success looks like to them, and then to fulfill those needs with skilled, talented, and energetic employees who will be prepared to step into their jobs and contribute to their teams right away.

SmartTalent aims to make businesses better, providing a quick, one-stop shop for finding qualified job candidates. We will help expand the reach of your open job positions to our existing candidates while at the same time taking on the big tasks of reviewing resumes, conducting preliminary interviews, providing skills assessments upon request, and finding the candidates that best align with your company’s needs and objectives. We bring those candidates to you for consideration, taking all the guesswork out of whether you’ll find qualified applicants for your open positions.

And don’t just take our word for it—our clients have an 88% satisfaction rating for the candidates we provide them and are happy with the average one- to two-week turnaround it takes to successfully bring them a candidate to add to their team! 

Whether you’re looking for permanent or temporary help, full-time or part-time, SmartTalent can quickly match candidates with the spots you’re looking to fill. We want to improve the lives of our associates, our clients, and our job candidates alike! 

We’re not stopping here, either, resting on our 21 years of success and satisfied clients. We’re looking to expand our services and expertise to continue serving your company better. We will continue to evolve, supporting businesses and pairing people with possibilities. 

When you’re ready to learn more and expand your hiring team with experts who know how to get the most from a job posting, call SmartTalent. One call is all it takes to begin building a successful relationship!

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