Long Term Unemployment? Four Tips for Acing Your Next Interview

SmartTalent - Hire Me - Im Worth ItHave you been unemployed for a lengthy period? If so, it is understandable that you are worried about a job interview you have scheduled for the near future. Preparing for a job interview is stressful enough; adding into it the fact that you have not worked in a while can add to that stress level immensely.

Stay Busy During Time Out of Work

One of the most important things you should do after being laid-off is to keep busy. We understand that being laid-off can bruise your confidence, but it should not prevent you from keeping busy. You can blog, work as a freelancer, do some consulting or even volunteer at various organizations. You can take some online or traditional courses as well. When you have these items to present to an interviewer, you will be able show how you’ve used this time to further your career.

Offer Honesty to the Interviewer

Always be honest during an interview. Excuses and long, drawn-out stories will be spotted immediately by the interviewer. Instead, be honest with the interviewer. Explain why you have been unemployed for so long. Maybe you were dealing with a tragic personal issue or you were intently focusing on your education at the time. It is not uncommon for some professionals to leave their position and return to school. If you have done so, make sure you inform the interviewer of the fact.

Be Proactive

An excellent tip in disclosing your long-term unemployment is to be proactive about the issue. It will look much better on your part to tell the interviewer about your long-term unemployment before he or she can even notice it on your resume or bring it up themselves. Being proactive will also show the interviewer that you take accountability for your actions.

Show You Are in Tune with the Industry

When discussing your long-term unemployment in a job interview, make a point to show the interviewer that you are still in touch with the industry. Be able to discuss changes the industry, whether good or bad, and elaborate on how your skills still fit in the industry today.

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