Don’t Forget to Spring Clean Your Resume!

SmartTalent - More Resume TipsWith spring in full gear and summer quickly approaching, many people will take time to clean out their garages, basements, cars or homes. Aside from these chores, it is important that you clean up your resume too. This will help you stay on-top of any changes to your background so your resume is up-to-date when you send it out for job applications. In this post we will discuss some important resume cleaning tips.

Keep Info Current

You need to make sure that the information on your resume is as current as possible. When you do a little spring cleaning on your resume, the first thing you need to check is the timing of the jobs listed. Make sure you have all the employment dates correct and that they are updated in the event that you began or ended a  position since the last time you looked at your resume. Another tip to take into consideration is to limit the jobs on your resume. If you have been in the same field for 15 years, it is not necessary to list every single job you have held since day one within the industry.

Condense Your Jobs

Our second resume cleaning tip is to condense the information on your resume. For example, if you have worked the same job at different companies within the same industry, you do not need to list the same job multiple times on your resume. You can condense the information into one section. For instance, put the name of the position on the resume and list the names of the companies at which you worked this job.

Keep Things Basic

After editing your resume content, you need to go over it and check for spelling, grammar and other mistakes. By removing items and adding items, it is possible to making mistakes. Read over your resume multiple times to check for spelling, grammar and punctuation issues. You can also have a  friend read proof it also- two sets of eyes are better than one.

Be Creative

It is also a good idea to be creative when sprucing up your resume. Do not forget, your resume is a marketing tool all about you. It is one of the only links between you and potential employers. Do not go over the top with your ideas, but think about including something to help you stand out, possibly a chart or a graph if applicable.

Spending an hour or two cleaning up your resume might not sound like fun, but it is worth it in the long-run. Contact the experienced staffing experts in Renton today to discuss the best methods of updating your resume. If you’re resume is ready to go, check out the current available positions!

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