Make these Job Search Tweaks to Stay Motivated After Rejection

It only takes one. That’s what you need to tell yourself as you make your way through the job-search process. Wading through a series of rejections can fuel frustration and undermine your confidence. But at the end of all those cold shoulders and polite snubs, you just need one employer to say “yes.”

After all, rejection is (unfortunately) extremely common during any job hunt. One data set estimated that the average candidate will receive between six and 10 rejections during the process. On one hand, that’s a disheartening fact — but at least you know it isn’t just you.

Still, even if you’ve received a few rejections, you never get used to the sting. In fact, the repeated spurning can have a multiplying effect, which each one having a larger impact on your ego.

You can minimize your chances of receiving a rejection by turning to a top staffing firm like SmartTalent. You’ll receive the expert guidance you need to find your ideal employer. As such, you can turn to SmartTalent to accelerate your job search.

Beyond this help, there are other steps you can take. Here are some job search tweaks that will help you stay motivated after rejection:

Stay Positive

Okay, this isn’t actually a search tweak. Rather, it’s more an instruction to stay the course. Don’t let rejection derail your job-search efforts. Keep a positive attitude, even after a negative result, and move on to the next opportunity with the same enthusiasm and vigor.

This can be difficult. Rejection can weigh on your spirit. However, you can’t let a “no” from a potential employer (or even a few potential employers) slow you down.

Talk to Your Support System

Don’t suffer through rejection alone. Just as in romantic breakups, it helps to vent and to have others bolster your spirits. As such, turn to your loved ones to help you through hard times.

Beyond your family and friends, reach out to your professional network. These folks have been through similar rejections, making them another significant source of support. On top of this, your connections could provide advice or even point you to a better opportunity.

Launch a Self-Assessment

Rejection offers an opportunity to take a hard look in the mirror. Yes, you should consider this an “opportunity.” Honest self-reflection represents a challenging, even painful, task. However, it can also set you up for greater success down the road.

Closely look at your latest rejection. Was there something you could have done differently? Can you improve your approach? Try to identify holes in your job-search game and consider ways to upgrade.

An outside opinion can help in this regard. SmartTalent can provide an expert assessment of your skills and background, as well directing you to potential opportunities. Partner with SmartTalent to match up with the ideal employer for you.

Open Your Search

Perhaps your job search has become too narrow. If you’ve received a few rejections, you might need to open your horizons. By changing your frame of reference, you can increase the chances of locating the best fit for you.

Instead of scrolling through the same job sites, look for alternative places to find listings. At the same time, branch off into more creative avenues for finding potential employers. For instance, you can search on social media or start targeting individual companies you admire.

Get Flexible in Your Expectations

If your job search has gone on longer than expected, you might need to change your approach. Loosen your expectations in a way that opens up a broader set of options. This can include:

  • Lower-Salary Positions
  • Part-Time Jobs
  • Contract/Freelance Gigs

Even if you take one of these positions, you can continue your job search. However, you can do so with more confidence, with a paycheck coming in and a lack of pressure fueling the process.

Turn to Expert Guidance

Bounce back from a serious rejection by getting the guidance you need. SmartTalent can help you find the perfect position, putting you in the ideal situation to drive your career forward.

Contact SmartTalent today to learn more.


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